Thursday, May 14, 2009

You are Invited to the Open Carry Picnic!

Come one, come all I hope this event has a HUGE turnout I am going to see if we can get our planting done early and try to attend it myself!

Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and guns at picnic

TOWN OF ONALASKA, Wis. (AP) — A picnic open to the public at a park in La Crosse County will offer free brats and hamburgers and an invitation to bring your gun. Organizer Hubert Hoffman said Sunday's picnic at Marvin Gardens Park in the Town of Onalaska celebrates a recent opinion from state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen that citizens who openly carry firearms should not be cited for disorderly conduct.

Hoffman said the picnic is open to everyone, including children and those who don't want to bring a gun.

The gun rights advocate said it's a way to let the public know that openly carrying a firearm isn't dangerous or risky.

La Crosse County sheriff's Capt. Mike Horstman said Hoffman is "legally entitled" to host the open carry picnic.

A LaCrosse County man is hosting a picnic which invites people to openly carry guns. Several weeks ago the state Attorney General JB Van Hollen released a legal opinion solidifying Wisconsinites right be openly armed. However organizer Hubert Hoffman says he planned the event prior to the AG's memo. He cites past statements by the state supreme court chief justice and a previous attorney general saying Wisconsin has long had an open carry right.

Hoffman says those without guns are encouraged to come as well, especially those who might be a little apprehensive about seeing armed civilians. He emphasizes those who practice open carry are "not a threat."

"We are simply exercising a right, just like you would be exercising a right to vote or go to church," explains Hoffman.

The Onalaska resident stocked enough food for up to 300 people. He initially would've been happy with 30 people showing up but with all the attention he's getting, he's expecting to hit the 300 mark. Hoffman will also be taking donations so his cognitively disabled son can attend WisconsinBadger camp.

The picnic will be held Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm at Marvin Gardens Park in Onalaska.

Information from: La Crosse Tribune,

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