Friday, May 15, 2009

I have seen this kind of "Change" before...

I am change?  Change to what that is the question...(play Twilight Zone music now)
De Ja Vue....because this is just another part of the obama deception where they wharp reality to fit their agenda. City Year is an Urban Youth Service Corp group located in Washington, D.C a proud member of Americorp (Who just got $$$$ from the obamageddon) the video was posted by them.

Ben Ross (Bruce Davison) is a young high school history teacher who is passionate about his chosen subject. One day as he delivers a lecture on The Holocaust, he notes that his students have an unusually piqued curiosity about the subject matter, as they haven't delivered this kind of interest in the past.One of the students, Lori, ask why people followed the Nazis, if it hurt other people.

The Wave!  Were all Germans (Americans) Nazi's?  That was a very good question Lori.  Well Wave Goodbye to your Freedom and your Guns if the Obamageddon has his way ...

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