Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love your Country - Fear Your Government

Have you heard about the Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology?  Can you just imagine the uses for this under the government of the obamageddon and Nazi Napolitano?  This will revolutionize the way they police in North America yes and that is exactly what I am afraid of imagine driving around the streets and parking lots of a Tea Party having this thing used to identify and place you on Nazi Napolitano's list when you see the capability of this on one vehicle (maybe a Homeland Security vehicle) and multiply it woah.  Watch this you will be afraid too.

We already know they are listening to us waay more than the legal limit allows and this Weapon and yes I consider it a Weapon the the wrong hands (The Residents and his Goons) who is to say it will not be used the wrong way?


License Plate Recognition System - Alerts on Stolen Vehicle

License plate recognition technology or ANPR has gained popularity in security and traffic applications as it is based on the fact that all vehicles have a license plate and there is no need to install any additional tracking apparatus.

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