Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inflation-Deflation The Choice Is Looking Grim

Will we become Zimbabwe or will we be Japan? This video pokes fun at it but it is indeed a most serious problem.  Have you seen what Cap and TAX will do to your electric bill?  Did you notice the Dollar Decline? Is this something Americans can afford right now as the unemployment climbs to records not seen since 1939? And Social Security or Medicare forget about it the Thieves in Washington Looted the Social Security and now it is going BUST much sooner than predicted and keep in mind this prediction is based on Tax Revenues collected and we see how that is working out so one can assume it will be Broke much sooner then they say! Retail sales have fallen for the second month in a row because of unemployment and business's are having difficulty which impedes recovery and means what more unemployment?

The Obamageddon has to save the profits for his buddies at the Banks that even Durbin admits own the place and the Black Hole Fannie and Freddie (see also post Fannie/Freddie $5 Trillion Dollar Fraud) they ran into the ground! For more proof of the ownership of The Obamageddon you can read through previous posts but he is no Slave no he is a well paid stooge one paid to make sure none of his backers loose.

You know the song the Looney Left likes to play by the Who-We Won't Get Fooled Again the jokes on you and unfortunately the rest of us as he finishes the Destruction of America to turn it into a third world cess pool where you can share the misery as his plans include allowing Illegal Aliens to stay flooding us with illegals many of whom are criminals in their own homelands and are low skilled and statistically require far more in social services, i.e., Food Stamps, Prisons, Subsidized Housing,etc. 

Zimbabwe or Japan who by the way is having Election issues over continuing to fund our debt?


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