Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hyper Stagflation

Do you know what that is? Here is an explanation from John Browne of Euro Pacific Capitol wow 15.2 percent real unemployment the truth is so horrible no one is telling the truth. Since The Resident took office a BILLION DOLLARS a day! This is a MUST Read...

President Obama's Treasury Department attempted to prevent the disclosure of these documents, refusing to respond to an FOIA request.  Judicial watch sued.

On February 4th The Obama Administration claimed it had no documents related to the meeting, but was forced to recant and release them.


Round-Up: Government And Bank Lies


In Return of The Jedi, Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader in an attempt to save the galaxy, destroy the Dark Side, and restore the republic that once was.

In the midst of a fierce light-saber battle with his son, Vader becomes wounded and can no longer fight back.

Ultimately, the good side of Darth Vader re-enters his soul. He lifts up the evil emperor and throws him into a deep, dark hole. The Dark Side is destroyed and balance in the republic is restored. The "Dark Side" in America is winning the battle Tax Cheat Tim has replaced  Darth Greenspan he is no Luke Skywalker and we have entered the Darkest phase in the history of the world with the election of The Obamageddon who sold his soul to Government Sachs. 

Back in September we were told AIG would pay back $85 billion before two years was up. Now they've got $180 billion and no plans to pay it back for several more years. If ever. The first line says it all- "We are so inured to tales of business corruption that even a devastating expos in The Wall Street Journal no longer shocks us." Wall Street has become so corrupt that it's like living in Mexico, where you expect that the "leaders" we elect to be on the take. Can you say baaaahhhh?.


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