Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey Big Brother... what ya gonna do?

When he speaks you can bet he is speaking on behalf of not only himself but his family.  When he speaks he is not merely suggesting he is giving an order.  You can also be sure that his every word reflects a decision already made, corresponding measures defined, and detailed instructions on his implementations sent to his stooges like the obamageddon.
So when US Senator, Jay Rockefeller claimed on March 18, 2009 the Internet is the biggest threat to US national security and the banks they will listen.  Remember the banks have NUKES not just the financial Nukes everyone will immediately think I am referring to but real Nukes. The banks have also uh huh unwittingly been used to pass nukes.  No he wasn't just sharing his point of view he was issuing an instruction.

They have not been able to control this alternate media the Internet to their dismay so now the war on free speech and free internet has begun with the obamageddon dutifully leading the call with a new electrical grid. 

First the propaganda was leaked that our cyber security was hacked followed of course by press reports of how much it costs then the calls for a new electrical grid they can control and more Propaganda about how embarrassing it all is.  The Internet is a fast growing threat to the power of these New World Order people and if you think that the New World Order is only believed by those wearing Tin Foil hats you are a useful idiot that is propaganda to disarm the truth as everyone should now know with all the calls for the new world order worldwide.  I see they have a New World Order meeting this June matter of fact.

To simply switch the entire system off is virtually impossible-the bankers and the military would be the first losers.  That is why, to end up with the alternative online media, the world elite have been financing the development of a highly restrictive and fully controlled Internet 2 for the New World Order elites.  The project was founded in 1996 is now ready for implementation.  It's the decision to launch it before the end of this year that Jay Rockefeller had the dubious honor and the obvious pleasure to announce it.  They have plans in the works already to shut down bloggers. They are appointing a Spook to be in charge they introduced legislation to federalize cyber security. But shhhhhh!  They are listening already. I do not trust them do you?,8599,1889512,00.html

Here is a link to a PDF of the denial of the FOIA request.


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