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Liberal Fascism Marches On

I was involved in a discussion regarding Orwell's 1984 recently I have some thoughts on that below and along came this rather timely article which seems to bolster my opinion that Liberals are the Real Fascists.

It is amazing that what we already knew was recently verified by a study from the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. We already KNEW that liberals are fascists. We already KNEW that liberals are intolerant goosestepping Libnazis who rule by fiat, passing legislation from the bench, making war on infants (but not terrorists), banning transfats, banning cigarettes (while taxing them), taxing sugar becauyse it's bad for you (salt will be next), helmet laws, seat belt laws, regulation of your thermostats, banning leaded gasoline, banning DDT (which led to 17 million human deaths since), etc, etc, and otherwise involving themselves in other people's lives like the old busybody in your neighborhood! The Gunny has to say it, America would be better off in an instant if every liberal just dropped dead in their tracks. There can no longer be any doubt that liberals are the true domestic enemy and the real enemies of freedom.

It is the LIBERAL states that are the most fascist-like in their existence.
For example, the study cleared shows that the states enjoying the most freedom are the ones that embrace the tenets of Conservatism, i.e., low taxes, small government, low government spending, and the lowest levels of regulation and Nanny Statism. They are: Colorado, New Hampshire, and South Dakota, all tied at number one. If you are one of the citizens of those states, not only should you take a bow but gear up to fight the coming wave of Comrade Maobama's liberal-fascism.
Take a wild guess which one state is the LEAST free.
If you guess New York, you win. New York has been run by liberals for DECADES! Do not make the mistake of saying they had Republican governors, etc, etc, no. They've had pukes like the Chuckie "The greaseball" Schumer and Hitlery running the show there and NYC is RUN by the new Tammany Hall Democrats and have been for 50 years at the very least.
In sequential order from the bottom (NY) up is: New Jersey, Rhode Island, California, and Maryland. All liberal states. In doing some research on the issue, the Gunny found out that Rhode Island was actually a pretty free state until the New York liberals began to flee the tax h*ll they created in NYC and fled to Rhode Island, and began doing the same thing they did in NYC, in Rhode Island. Liberals, like a virus, spread their poison wherever they move to, i.e., Mexifornians moving to Arizona and Nevada and turning THOSE states into tax h*lls.
In reading the study, the Gunny found out that Americans have been asleep at the switch for decades, allowing the lib-nazis to nibble away at our freedoms without us noticing, like frogs dumped into a pot of cold water. In fact, the bottom five states are SO LOW on the chart, they are nearly irredeemable to the cause of freedom. Maybe we can wall them off and dump the surviving liberals there after we win the coming revolution. Sort of like a game preserve or a free range liberal study center. We can send students there to observe the habits of liberal nazis and learn from their making the same mistakes over and over and over again! 
The liberal trolls infesting this site like crabs on a French wh0re will deny it but here are bottom ten.
40. Vermont. (Bernie the Commie runs that states)
41. Connecticut (Well done Dodd)
42. Illinois (The political cesspool of Comrade Zero)
43. Taxachusettes (The land of Bawney "Gumjob" Frank and Ted Drunkennedy)
44. Washington (The land of election fraud Gregiore)
45. Hawaii (Clueless since the 60's.)
46. Maryland (Number one in violent crime, gun control, and libturds roaming free)
47. Mexifornia. (Gee, go figure. The national leader in legislating from the bench and home to SF and Bezerkeley)
48. Rhode Island (NY libs f-d that place up bad.)
49. New Jerksey (The Toxic Waste State run by liberals and the Mafia.)
50. New York. (Well done Upchuck Schumer, Hitlery, Spitzer, Sharpton, and crew)
The Founding Fathers valued personal freedom above all else and it clearly shows in their writings and if one reads the Federalist Papers, it is shot through with that theme. Economic freedom, personal freedom, and small government interference ALL LEAD TO NET PLUS migrations to these states. Indeed, the liberal states all have experienced MASSIVE amounts of people FLEEING the lib-nazis. Again, gee, go figure.
The Liberal has cultural values that require more regulation of individual behavior, more regulation of businesses, and more governmental intervention than the governments of conservative states. (Hear that GOP? One more tlaking point for you) The study clearly shows that liberal states are quick to pass laws embracing the murder of infants, h0m0 marriage, and allowing criminals to run rampant, free welfare, help for illegal aliens but are quick to pass laws against the traditional normal citizens in the areas of gun ownership, home schooling, vehicle/motorcycle laws, smokers, taxes, etc. The bottom line and there is no debate here, is that the states run by liberals are nazi-like in their existence while CONSERVATIVE STATES ARE FREER AND MORE TOLERANT!  

Illinois is number 49 on the personal freedom index (no wonder Maobama is a commie thug). They have the fourth most nazi-like gun control laws in the country, (only NY, MD, and Mexifornia are worse) and the states victimless crimes arrest rates are almost unfathomable. (Looks like the Gestapo trained some liberals after WW2.) In fact, in 2006, OVER 2% of the STATE's population had been arrested for a victimless crime (those OVER 18). Juveniles? Probably triple that.
(read the rest)


That's right Liberals do not get it it the assertion was George Orwells book 1984 was written about the right..

"Orwellian" is now a universal shorthand for anything repressive or totalitarian

No, its more specific than that. Its shorthand for a regime in which the lie is decreed to be the truth, and the truth may not be spoken

In high school,  we were taught that “1984” and “Animal House” were about right wing fascism (especially the former book). Wow! These folks really didn’t get it.

Mr. Orwell was a British Socialist, so he must have fooled a lot of brain-dead liberals. I ask people to re-read those books (as well as “Homage to Catalonia” and his essay on “political speech”) and see if they were really focused on the right and not the left.

Jonah Goldberg (”Liberal Fascism”) has figured this out and wrote a book how much Obama and his Thugs are like Big Brother, the Ministry of Love, Victory Gin, etc?  The title comes from HG Wells, the most strenuous intellectual advocate of totalitarianism on the early-20th-century British left. "I am asking for a Liberal Fascisti," he told the Oxford Union in 1932, "for enlightened Nazis. The world is sick of parliamentary democracy. The Fascist party is Italy. The Communist is Russia. The Fascists of liberalism must carry out a parallel ambition of a far grander scale."

Wells saw no difference between communism and fascism and Goldberg puts a compelling case that neither should we. Mussolini began as a socialist agitator. The Nazis were a national socialist party which despised bourgeois democracy and offered a comprehensive welfare state.

I agree that all totalitarianisms are essentially the same. Here in America, flustered liberal critics have had far greater difficulty with the notion that they and their predecessors are the inheritors of ideas that began in the fascist movement. Goldberg certainly leaves them little left to be proud of as he provides an alternative history of an America that Simon Schama lacks the intellectual courage to confront.

He begins with Woodrow Wilson and shows that before Mussolini came to power, a Democratic president imposed a militarised state. When America entered the First World War, the progressives of the day used the conflict as an excuse to arrest dissidents, close newspapers and recruit tens of thousands of neighbourhood spies.

Wilson began the overlap between progressive and fascistic politics, which continued for the rest of the 20th century. Avant-garde Nazi philosophers - Heidegger, Paul de Man, Carl Schmitt - are venerated by nominal leftists in the postmodern universities, who love their contempt for traditional morality and standards of truth. Nazism was the first example of modern identity politics. All that mattered was whether you were German, Slav or Jew.

Beginning with the Black Panthers, multiculturalism has also placed racial and religious identity above all else and beyond the reach of rational argument. Fascism was a pagan movement, whose mystic tropes are repeated by new age healers, vegetarians and greens.

For example...

Have you heard this story?  Or this one? Or this the list goes on.

Looks like George... Photobucket was only off by about 25 years about Big Bro BO!

George Orwell

"It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen."

Sixty years after the publication of Orwell's masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-Four, that crystal first line sounds as natural and compelling as ever. 

Probably the definitive novel of the 20th century, a story that remains eternally fresh and contemporary, and whose terms such as "Big Brother", "doublethink" and "newspeak" have become part of everyday currency, Nineteen Eighty-Four has been translated into more than 65 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide, giving George Orwell a unique place in world literature.

image“That brought us to our essential difference, the difference of the Evolutionary Collectivist and Marxist, the question whether the social revolution is, in its extremity, necessary, whether it is necessary to over throw one economic system completely before the new one can begin. I believe that through a vast sustained educational campaign the existing Capitalist system can be civilised into a Collectivist world system;” - H.G. Wells, Russia in the Shadows

Please read it again and ask yourself was Orwell speaking of the Left or the Right? If you go back and read through my posts you will notice it is my contention as well as others that Big Bro BO is in the pockets of the banks...

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EricTheRed said...

"For example, the study cleared shows that the states enjoying the most freedom are the ones that embrace the tenets of Conservatism, i.e., low taxes, small government, low government spending, and the lowest levels of regulation and Nanny Statism. They are: Colorado, New Hampshire, and South Dakota, all tied at number one."

This blows my mind. NH and CO? Didn't they go Democrat this time around?

"If you are one of the citizens of those states, not only should you take a bow but gear up to fight the coming wave of Comrade Maobama's liberal-fascism."

Too late ...

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