Thursday, May 21, 2009

America A Banana Republic

Banana Republic

On Tuesday a federal judge denied a Freedom of Information Request for getting information on the Federal Reserve saying he "did not want blood on his hands." And now the Obama administration is considering transferring SEC regulatory authority to this secret organization?

They create Destruction and The Resident wants to give them more power to Destroy America??? Seems to me the smelly one has been "Paid Off" and placed in power to do their bidding he is not even eligible to be potus yet no one, courts, no one will do anything and that is the reason why! More unemployment common men losing ground yet having to pick up the tab for the smelly one's policies Insanity (obama,piglosi,reed) Rules!

Bloomberg sues well good luck with all that we have been "SOLD OUT" by our filthy Legistraitors for power and money are we next? Have you noticed how the "Left" who are always so worried about the powers of the Federal Government are falling all over themselves to give more power to the Fed?  Watch this clip if you question the Leftists about this well hands off....

Fox sued the Fed and a tenured judge says he does not want "Blood" on his hands? What is he afraid of he is a Judge? Why no uproar from the Left about this? Why will they take away all the "Welfare" entitlements you and I get stuck paying for? It is obvious who is running our country Thieves, Corrupt Legistraitors even Durbin admitted they "Own The Place".

Remember the "Double Standard" when it came to automakers?

The Rule of Law is what has separated us from a banana republic for over 200 years.  That has now been relegated to the dustbin of history. The Resident born in a Banana Republic brought it with him to America. The smelly one will wipe out Ford too. We can no longer talk about Banana Republics we have become one.

Federal Reserve ownership

Federal Reserve
“A man younger than 30 who’s not a liberal has no heart and a man older than 30 who’s not a conservative has no brain” - Winston Churchill.

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