Friday, April 10, 2009

Why is it such a Secret?

I don't know about you but I would like to know if our banks are sound why does the residents administration want the stress tests kept secret?  What is it that cannot stand the light of day?

According to William Black who is a former bank regulator the tests are a complete sham.  It is little wonder then that the Feds are preparing for Economic Warfare.  I wonder if the preparations are being made for citizens with pitchforks too?  

Sure the banks are sound.  Go ahead and take Mad Moneys host Jim Cramers advice and play the stock market his charitable foundations own JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc. he has nothing personal to gain he is only looking out for you just like our government.  Never mind that harmless little blunder Cramer made last year telling folks to invest their money in the stock market. Just trust us the banks are fine.

What are they worried about a run on the banks? You finding out about the Propaganda they use and coming after them with pitchforks?  McCotter he gets it he knows the public is sick of the fraud being perpetrated on them by the resident and his boyz (boyz the bankers who backed him).

This is a Jam Job America are you tired of being robbed, do you get it?  If so you might want to contact McCotters office and see if there is anything you can do to stop the Bezzle of our government from you and your grandchildren unless you think you will be saved by ZERO.


Residents administration wants bank stress tests kept secret
William Black stress test a sham
Others say they are a sham
How sound are our banks the truth
Feds preparing for Economic Warfare
Saved by ZERO
Cramers advice last year before the market went south
Cramers charitable trusts own at bottom of article
Just trust us our banks are fine 
How sound are the banks really
Run on the banks
Jam Job
Tired of getting robbed America
More Bezzle
The idea of a bank stress test is moot now, Cramer said 
McCotter Gets it
Direct link to McCotter Video

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