Friday, April 24, 2009

Wheres the LOVE???

Wow talk about the Dictator calling the Resident Smug did you hear about that?

Fidel Catsro takes issue with the White House version of Obama's interview with journalists in Port of Spain.

From ABC News' Jake Tapper

Writing in his newspaper column "Reflections of Fidel" (Spanish version here), Fidel Castro says that President Obama "misinterpreted" the comments made by his brother, Cuban President Raul Castro.

"Obama’s advisors posted on the Internet their English version of the president of the United States’ interview with journalists in Port of Spain," Castro writes.

He then quotes from the president's press conference, quoting extensively from an exchange when 
President Obama didn't-quite-answer my question about what changed his position from his 2004 stance against the embargo against Cuba and now supports it as leverage.*

Fidel writes that during "the press conference and the final meetings of the Summit, Obama showed signs of smugness... When he stated, responding to Jake, that today, 2004 seemed like eons ago, that was superficial. Do we have to wait that many years for him to suspend his blockade? He didn’t invent it, but he has made it his just like the other 10 presidents of the United States. Going down that road a definite failure can be augured for him, like that of all his predecessors. That was not the dream of Martin Luther King, whose role in the struggle for human rights will more and more illuminate the way of the U.S. people."

Tapper's blog was quite lengthy so I have just given you a snippet here, but I don't think this is what Obama was hoping for as he relaxes the restrictions on Cuba.  (Hat Tip Don)

From Canada...

Treasury Secretary is indecisive and has dumb policies, says Canada banking honcho.

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Well since The Resident appointed the tax cheat what does that say about his judgment? Where has all the Love gone?


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