Monday, April 13, 2009

Tools you can use...need a Tea Party Poster?

This is an easy tool to use to create your own Tea Party Poster.  I hope you make good use of it since with the out of control insanity in spending of the resident one might think he is still doing crack.

Just a thought our government loves to make laws but it seems when it comes to the legislators following them as individuals one could reasonably assume many think themselves above the very laws they create.  When is the last time or have you ever heard of a Congressman/Congresswoman, Representative or the President taking a drug test to qualify or maintain employment?

In totalitarian societies, i.e., socialism, fascism, communism they expect complete uniformity in the law as a means to suppress individual rights.  In a free society the absolute uniformity in the law is meant to protect individual rights.

Since these prime directives are diametrically opposed a society cannot have more than one set of these directives and still maintain uniformity and control peacefully.  In totalitarian societies of course the leaders make, enforce but do not follow the laws they impose upon the people.  When laws are in place but individual leaders decide not to follow them (an example is the illegal immigration laws and many of our so called leaders have hired illegal aliens or seen fit to not deport them) that is a characteristic of totalitarian leadership.

I hope you make good use of the tool and make a creative attention getting poster.


Subj: Tea Parties: Making Big Posters 24 x 36 inches from ordinary home printers CHEAP and EASY

You may want to put this on the website or let people know in other ways.   There is a very simple and FREE software (trial is good enough) that enable the printer to print any image or text into pages.  These pages can then be glued on to a 24x36 inch or bigger Elmer’s Foam Board.  Elmer foam boards are about ¼ inch thick, stiff and lightweight.  They are available in white and black.


·         The POSTER software can be downloaded here:

·         The Elmers Foam Board can be purchased for about $4 or less at any office supply store 


One cuts and glues the pages of paper to the board and that is it.

The software is a no brainer to use.


In my experience at previous demonstration, people make signs that are too small and the letters are too small.  From a distance and from moving vehicles passing by it is impossible to read.   I think that 24x36 is a minimum size.  Bigger would be even better.   I typically keep it to 10 words or less, much less if possible.   Like a simple  “LOWER TAXES”   “HONOR THE CONSTITUTION”  “GIVE ME LIBERTY” or whatever.


I see people sometimes write a whole paragraph – there is no way something long can be seen or read at a rally specially on a small sign.


ANNOUNCEMENT, Constitution Scholar Ted Hilton and I just got approved by the California Attorney General to kick off our TAXPAYER PROTECTION ACT 2009.  According to the AG it will save California Tax Payers over $1 billion annually.   It restricts how birth certificates are issued in California and eliminates some tax paid services.  Go here for information.  and    Signature gathering volunteers welcomed.



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