Thursday, April 9, 2009

Texas Senate makes Super Highway A Reality

The Texas Senate voted 29-2 in favor of re-authorizing private toll contracts. In a Real Deal Selling your Highway to the highest bidder!  I'm sure they will be willing to give you a "Real Deal" to use it aren't you?

Always nice to note it went to an American company...oops I mis-spoke Cintra a Spain-based Company got (bought) the rights on a deal just signed in Texas.  I am disappointed in you citizens of Texas I thought you would do more but I digress the government seems to be just too much to fight.  Under the rights you (citizens) will have the right to pay Sweetheart er I mean Cintra 75 cents a mile even though $500 million in gas taxes and other public subsidies will be used to build the project (sounds fair to me).  


Cintra lands 52 year deal on I-635 in Dallas

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