Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The SMELL of Change Filled The Air At The G-20

Is this the End?  Soros who has created "Crisis's"all over the Globe and then profitted handsomely from them claims that if his Puppet fails there will be a worldwide Depression!  See how that works he and the banks buy off The Obamageddon to do their bidding and continue to rake in the rewards.  Soros makes no bones about it he wants to make sure it is even more difficult for Charities to survive.  Did you hear about that how Soros has taken the reigns on Charitable Giving and Taxes?  What kind of people want him on their side?

People all around the World have Smelled the Skunk! Riots have broken out all around the Globe and now at the G20, seems to me people know this Bankers Boy Skunk should be thrown out for letting the Marxist Overlords  run amok!

That Filthy Little Man Soros backing the Obamageddon admits he is more stimulated by the bust, that's the kind of horror the Obamageddon has unleashed upon US!  Even he knows the Obamageddon will Fail that is the way he and the other Filth set it up no doubt and it will be Hell.  With The Resident in their pocket they will all be fine it will be the people standing on the corner saying Buddy Can You Spare A Dime.

Appropriately named The Beast was shipped for The Obamageddons ride with people rioting and revolting he was safe inside.  Is this the End?  We shall soon see I think Soros is right it looks like a Worldwide Depression to me.


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