Friday, April 10, 2009

Propaganda Pusher Man

Well here comes the "Push" for National Broadband seriously what playbook does the resident use how to install communism for dummies?

Chinese spies infiltrate our electrical grid even true that was no surprise to security officials if you recall from my piece Chinese Spies or American Propaganda they said what was more suspicious was the leaking of the information from our government to the press.

Then conveniently the government published costs of all the infiltration and now the Propaganda Pusher Mans plans begin to fall in place.  Pushing the costs of national broadband off on you.  I notice no costs are being published for that.

Just like the pusher man pushes drugs the resident pushes propaganda. Imagine our government in Control of the Internet and your privacy and to that I say...

God Dam, God Dam the resident Propaganda Pusher Man!


Push for national broadband
God Dam The Pusher Man
Group warns residents plan oversteps bounds

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