Friday, April 3, 2009

Oooh Just Wait Until China Finds Out!

China Come Back.....

I have had hits on my Blog from China, they came from Nanjing and Quingdao.  Now I don't have a clue about these cities, I just recently found out you could even see where visitors to your site came from.

For those of you who don't know what I am talking about Google has an Analytics Program and I won't go into all the details but the short of it is you can find out what countries your visitors came from, what language they speak, etc.

Why am I telling you about this?  Well first of all I was under the impression that the people in China are censored (with Googles help-Shame on you Google!) but secondly I was wondering why anyone in China would visit my blog.  I noticed a visit when I posted this and said the Markets were betting we would not be able to pay back our debt for example. Were you listening China?
China come back!  I know I have insulted your leader many times by calling him Don Corleone Wen Jiabo and saying things like when I was young the saying was I'd rather be Dead, Than Red and yes a few other less than lady like names, ok I said you should force your own people to buy your Poisonous Crap and I snickered when Jay Leno said you wanted to change the gold standard into the lead standard, but don't hold a grudge China I want you to see how our Traitorous Resident does business.

The Resident puts the Thieves who helped create the mess in charge and his Propaganda Machines (which by the way I think they are as good already as yours) anyway they just say he falls short, that way they can make excuses and continue to Loot Us and eventually you.  Look China Soros has more influence than you!  He has a lot riding on those SDR'S. He is paying Cash (your cash and taxpayers cash) for TRASH!  Fannie and Freddie are about to go BOOM and we have Ticking Financial NUKES being covered up by The Resident and his Masters!!!! 

This is a Criminal Scam.

While you are Saber Rattling, calling repeatedly for your new Global Supremacy,and your desire to make your currency a Global currency you would think warning The Smelly One about his spending America into a Depression and Devaluing the Dollar (thereby making fools out of you China) he would take it to Heart right?  

Wrong China, you are about to find out like the other Dopes he Roped with Hope that paying back his masters (poor China and you thought you were his master) only to find out while he is over at the G20 making you all Dopes with promises of change he has his boyz back home making sure his Real Masters come first.  I was wondering when I saw the China hits if you had someone paying attention when I referenced the fact that the Markets are betting we cannot pay our Bills?  Are you listening now?

That's a real fancy name you picked out for the World Currency China do you think you will have any funds left to implement it when The Resident is done with you? You already publicly warned him, how much more of his Crap are you going to take?  I know you thought he was a Communist, others thought he was a Socialist but turns out he is a Facist.  But can't we all just get along?  They are all forms of Totalitarian Control and whats a few knives in the back between Dictators.  

Now that the G20 has shaped a New World Order aren't you worried about your assets?  We're mad at him too he has spent so much money business's are closing, people are losing jobs and now one out of ten Americans are on ObamaStamps.   Heck China this is personal to me, I've already lost money and now I see Allianz is likely to default and my crappy Financial Wizard (no doubt voted for The Resident conned us into one of their pieces of crap with outright Lies not telling us we couldn't get out until we died practically!) Anyway China I just thought maybe you could talk some sense into him no one else is able to.



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Anonymous said...

Just a Question -- Why do you Capitalize every other Word unnecessarily and Also forgot key punctuation marks such as Possessive Apostrophe's aka Google's not Googles.

Weird USELESS blog, don't Quit your Day Job.