Monday, April 6, 2009

New World ODOR

Let's just dispense with the Ni-cities and call a Spade a Spade!  This is not a Socialist New Deal Deal, this is a Fascist take over by the obamageddon to ensure his payback to the bankers who bankrolled him!

Puh leeze do you think the Communist News Networks will show the facts even if they are presented from the Left like they are here from William K. Black an obamageddon voter and supporter?  Will this make 60 minutes or Dateline MSNBC?  

Is Holder a Liar, well yes unless he prosecutes you have to call a spade a spade!  Where is the TAXPAYERS Loot Ben? Has it been Helicoptered to foreign banks for you and the obamageddon's banker buddies?  Not to mention his CRIMINAL backer Soros!   If not where is the transparency?  

Well Resident Zero I don't buy your New World Odor!  It is as smelly as your wife said you were. The pitchfork remarks well it seems to me the appropriate place for the pitchfork would be up your Administrations Azz cause it's all yours now ZERO!  Why did you force Banks who had no problem to be a part of your plan and even now refuse to let them out of your scheme?

How about a little Truth for the American people like the fact that the FDIC does not have sufficient funds to cover the deception?  I smell your New World Odor and the stink emanating from it is reminiscent of the smell of DEATH to America!  It STINKS and so do YOU!



Anonymous said...

I was taking some notes from my right wing retard friends and I have some advice for you and all that feel like you. Let's see I think it went something like this:

4 MORE YEARS!!!!!!!! Whooooo!

James said...

Of course you would post as anonymous, as you are a cowering scumbag liberal who would blow Obama in a heartbeat. He is NOT my president! 4 more years? This usurp won't even last a year, you moron. He will be recalled from office, and he will serve jail time in a federal prison, then be deported back to his homeland Kenya. Sign your name COWARD! Liberals hide, as they have no backbone, and run from every fight. Conservatives don't back down, and we fight the wars for you dill weeds, so you can run around and spew your trash!

James Troiano

Anonymous said...

"Ni-cities," "spades," I like that. I hate niggers too.

-Jim Robinson, Free Republic

Anonymous said...

Let's call a spade a nigger