Monday, April 20, 2009

Lies and more Lies

The Resident and his merry band of LegisTRAITORS who for their masters sold the people out with NAFTA to begin with see no reason now to go back on the paid for promises they made the masters for you!

You are just the common people who had their jobs ripped away.

Keeping promises made to serve you the people who they Lie to year after year to get your vote is not necessary.

Unless your memory is extremely short or you are filled with Hopenosis you will recall The Liarbama getting caught up in the NAFTA fray during the campaign.  I do not know why people refuse to listen to the truth until it is too late and the masters play you like fiddles with promises of small change but that is why they are referred to as the masters obviously it works.  You have been played like suckers again and besides this Nafta Lie the Liarbama expects more of your money to be sent outside.

For not only the Banks but the IMF you must provide. The Liarbama only wants $100 more Billion of your dough you can afford it the Liarbama said so.

The Obama administration said on Monday that it has no plans for reopening negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement to revise its labor and environmental provisions, as then-Senator Barack Obama promised to do during his presidential campaign.

“The president has said we will look at all of our options, but I think they can be addressed without having to reopen the agreement,” said Ronald Kirk, the United States trade representative.

Mr. Kirk spoke in a conference call with reporters after returning from the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad over the weekend. He said President Obama conferred there with the leaders of Mexico and Canada — the other parties to the free trade agreement — and “they are all of the mind we should look for opportunities to strengthen Nafta.”

Though a formal review of the pact has yet to be completed, Mr. Kirk noted, both Mr. Obama and President Felipe Calderon of Mexico have said that “they don’t believe we have to reopen the agreement now.”

In particular, Mexico, which has seen its exports grow hugely since the agreement was ratified in 1992, has little interest in such a renegotiation.

Mr. Obama was not the only candidate for president who promised during the campaign to renegotiate the accord, a politically popular position in some electorally important Midwestern states that have lost thousands of manufacturing jobs. His chief Democratic rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is now secretary of state, did so as well.

Mr. Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas, who is known as a strong free-trade advocate, said that the administration also planned rapid reviews of pending free trade agreements with Colombia and Panama.

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The Banks Lie too but the Liarbama does not mind he and his merry band of LegisTraitors will cover their behinds!  Is this even legal(Much of Tax Cheat Tims new $100 billion program to help WallStreet hedge funds purchase "toxic assets" from banks-and which could put us on the hook for up to $500 billion-doesn't involve subprime mortgages at all. Instead, about half of that money goes to a Legacy Loans Program to help hedge funds purchase relatively conventional loans) well never you mind questioning the Liarbama is the new crime.


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