Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It is only when the rinse cycle begins that you begin to see how dirty the laundry really is

Good morning it seems no one told The Resident we are broke!  

Obama Proposes $100 Billion Loan for I.M.F.

The Resident reminds me of an Alien.

Just not that kind. 

The type of Illegal Alien that should be deported since he spends millions just so he does not have to address his eligibilty!  

According to Napolitano crossing the border illegally is not a crime even though it is law and remember that old joke no one is above the law.

Oh, oh and this I have to tell you about those poor bankers may be down and out and how will they get by I was laughing so hard I had a tear in my eye. 
Let me explain to you why I feel that way even though I also feel the Banks were subjected to losses as this report shows or the lawsuits brought by the left forcing some to make loans to unqualified buyers I have no sympathy.
First not all the problems are in fact due to that here again much has been brought upon the banks by their own greed as well as the Credit Derivatives Swaps and Fraud none of which I should be held accountable for ....Karma?

It seems to me the bankers sold their soul by bribing our government officials to get rid of Glass-Steagall in the beginning they set this in motion and now they expect us to bail them out to me they deserve nothing but having paid off The Resident I am sure they will get by.  

No one will do anything to them for taking taxpayers to the cleaners anyway since it would expose all our filthy politicians I believe that is the why and as my mother once told me it is only when the rinse cycle begins that you begin to see how dirty the laundry really was so I won't hold my breath this too will be washed away.

Almost every outside who's taken a look at Tim Geithner' Public-Private Investment Partnership (PPIP) has come to the same conclusion: That it's a sham being foisted on taxpayers for the benefit of the banks and certain select investors.

Now Inspector General Neil Barofsky -- who, like Elizabeth Warren, has been a fierce skeptic of the bailout schemes -- has come out with an official report slamming the bailout scheme. 

The wash cycle just keeps repeating itself and no one wants to adjust it to rinse for fear of showing how Dirty the Laundry of our politicians and the banks really was.

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