Monday, April 6, 2009

Greasin the PIGS!

To the Wizard of Destruction Supporter who left the comment on the New World Odor piece, if you can't take the heat, stay out of my blog!  

I found a great source of The Wizards Backing right on your worship site and though I didn't agree with the writers assertions about the whys I sure found it useful as to the who's.

Is it any wonder he also Greased the Pigs during his campaign? Are Wizard of Destruction Supporters the only ones who do not seem to understand the Filthy World of Politics in Chicago where The Wizard and his Filthy friends like Emanuel who doesn't even pay taxes on his home came from?

Here are some more inconvenient Truth's for you Dummies, your last pig caught with his pants down was the Tool used to remove the Glass-Steagall Act, without his decadence none of this would have been possible.  

Recall that the profitability of S&L's was low and made the industry a slow growth sector that found it hard to attract capital and management.  Thus they Greased the Pig, Dirty Bill to take away the Regulation which effectively allowed all the fraud to take place.  Like other Ponzi schemes if you are the first to play and pass the train wreck off to the other greedy successors you walk away with the dough, the other greedy people who follow are then also forced to give loans to no class trash who have no intention or ability to repay them by the likes of people like The Wizard of Destruction and walla America ends in the Greatest Depression.

William K. Black is correct, it was FRAUD and what more they all KNEW all along it was a Pending Disaster.  BJ Bill even admitted his role and here is juicy tidbit from The Death Of Liberal America.  You do not manufacture a package of Pig Mortgages and then get them ranked AAA and have this allowed by the people in our government like Dirty Bill and the Wizard Of Destruction without Greasing the Pigs.  In this case the Pigs include those who allowed this to happen, The Pigs who forced them to give loans to no class trash who should be Prosecuted also and The Dirty Bankers who payed them (See No Banker Left Behind or Worship site) to play.

Black points out that The Residents Secretary of the Treasury, Tax Cheat Timmy is currently engaged in a cover-up to keep the truth of America's financial insolvency from it's citizens.  Wow kind of like when The Resident Cried Wolf and then Appointed The Wolf to Guard the Henhouse.

The interview, which aired Friday night is carried on the Bill Moyers Journal Web site so grab some tissues Looney Tunes and watch it for yourself.  I would think this work would surpass his famous book "The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is To Own One" if the Communist News Networks would broadcast the truth.  

Black points out the drastic reduction in regulation and oversight (Glass-Steagall) and says we now know what happens when you destroy regulation.  You get the biggest financial calamity of anybody under the age of 80.  "That Financial calamity, he explained, was brought about not by mishap or accident, but only as a concerted effort to undermine and remove all regulations, allowing a creditor free-for-all that hinged on FRAUDULENT risk ratings for bad loans.  The way that you do it is to make really bad loans, because they pay better",  he told Moyers.  

Of course we all now know many Banks were sued and forced to make Bad Loans to the No Class Trash who had no intention or ability to pay them back, "Liar's Loans" the Resident of Destruction is now forcing decent Hard Working American Taxpayers to foot the bill for!

"Then you grow extremely rapidly, in other words, you're a Ponzi-like scheme."  Since the buck should stop at the then Presidents desk who allowed it to happen and the Resident's desk who continues to Grease The Pigs with our Taxpayer Dollars that makes the PIGS Dirty Bill and The Wizard of Destruction.  Perhaps Looney's if you find my blog offensive to The Resident you can leave your comments on William K. Blacks piece but then again I actually find it amusing that you take the time to stop by.  Maybe you can ask The Resident why he spent millions just so he doesn't have to prove he is eligible to be Potus, since as far as I am concerned he is an Illegal Alien just like his Aunt who should have already been Deported, when you get the answer to that stop by again and let me know.


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