Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish-Criminal Probe into AIG-Bailout Money to CFR

Arlen Specter, US senator for Pennsylvania, announces he is switching to the Democratic party

Spector who is Wall Streets favorite Republican has switched sides I can not say he has gone over to the Dark Side since he has been on the Dark Side for years just under the guise of being a Conservative Representative of the people. I think it is funny the Emporer obama is welcoming him which just further proves he too is no man of the people simply another paid off Wall Street Pimp.

That seems to be something left out of the the thought process today the fact that they are supposed to be representing us the people.  It was never more clear than during the Illegal Immigration Amnesty they tried over and over again to shove down our throats.  Even though we were promised in 1986 that would be the last amnesty it was clear very few of them represented us the people. Their loyalties to special interest groups be they liberal vote getting or chamber of commerce business interests it was made abundently clear they cared not about promises or citizens.

The public via the elitist-controlled communist media has listened to the masters marionettes, Buck-Busting Bernanke, Hanky Panky Paulson and Emperor obama and Tax Cheat Tim who continue to lie to them pathologically, make ridiculous predictions that never come true and regale us with inane platitudes and nonsense about hope and change, "we see signs of improvement" and "recovery is beginning" when they know darn well that not only are things getting worse, these miscreants are doing everything they can to intentionally make matters worse by order of the Elites.

Now that people are catching on to the fact that the economic statistics produced by our government and its various agencies have no basis in reality and most of the so-called economists, shills, pundits and talking moronic heads on the communist news networks are nothing less then agents of misinformation the only options are to try and discredit those who report on it. It is not an accident that newspapers are folding and Internet news is exploding people are sick of the lies and have figured out they report what they get paid to and when people get a dose of truth they can relate to (Rick Santelli) and something becomes of it (Tea Party's) they report either with disdain or not at all and the Elites downplay, attempt to ignore and deliberately try to obfuscate the facts.Sorry America we are just too CORRUPT to fix the problem that is what they are saying.

Witness now that they are openly (kissinger) or half wittedly (geithner) letting the cat out of the bag about wanting a New World Order or wanting to give/sell away our sovereignty they attempt to destroy, via character assassination, dig up any little bit of something they can turn into dirt or group anyone who tells it like it is with the so useful tin foil tool. Their professional mouthpieces are paid to be dirty.

The character assassinations don't work when the assertions of the speaker being attacked turn out to be true and the character assassins turn out to be the ones who are lacking in integrity. Dodd faux outrage over AIG bonus's for example.  These operatives try to be subtle they will mix crackpot theories with the stories of those telling the truth about the real conspiracy that is taking place in an attempt to confuse people.  So even whilst people in high places and all over the globe are talking about the New World Order if you reference it they will mix it with pseudo-science or space aliens. The idea of course is to make it look like only crazy people (unless your an Elitist of course openly calling for a New World Order) well you must be wearing a tinfoil hat and trying to communicate with Martians.

The Communist nightly news is now so loaded with these masters of misdirection that you can hardly believe any of the content anymore.  That is why people are cancelling subscriptions and newspapers are going bankrupt people are sick of it and are beginning to separate the truth from the fiction and more and more people are saying bull crap they are openly calling for a New World Order so who cares what they say since assertions are being confirmed daily.

Yes people are figuring it out perhaps they went too far finally and it is backfiring because we the so called sheople have been watching and many are realizing the fraud, stock manipulations for the benefit of the Elitists and have had it.  We are sick of you getting the gold mine while we get the bill.

We see how you are moving the markets up and down so the chosen few can make mega profits from insider trading or short selling even the common folks are starting to understand the fraud of credit derivatives there is lots of information on line which is why I am sure Emporer obama and the elites like Rockefeller want to control it. Yes we get it no regulatory review, opaque and unregulated dark cesspools of liquidity like Baikal, Project Turquoise and OTC derivatives markets.

We see if you are not an elitist your 401K gets wiped away while you manipulate the markets to clean out those who are not anointed and it worries them that you may get out with something left so please do it before they clean out anything you do have. You have seen how anyone opposed becomes a dissident by nazi napolitano who heads the Gestapo known as Homeland Security. She should be removed for such blatant attacks on your First Amendment and for labelling patriotic Americans. Watch out the Emperor obama with his band of miscreants plan to have new hate speech legislation via HR 1913 to further remove your rights and if you do not like it when it becomes law you may be hauled off to a camp. 

We have to continue organizing the Tea Party's were a good start but be warned they will not let a good crisis go to waste. The Elites are all members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission and look who got plenty of your money (below) we have to let them know that they and their dark influence using seditious machinations to subvert our Constitution and implement a New World Order or One World Government is not acceptable to us. Make sure to read who got your money and hopefully some perp walks below.

















Criminal Probe Opened Into AIG (AIG)

Cassano and two deputies under the gun.

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That’s a total of more than $1 trillion in bailout funds for CFR corporate members, easily the lion’s share of the total bailout funds awarded to date. CFR Membership seems to have its benefits, and then some.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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