Friday, April 10, 2009

Free Shots under the residents socialist health care do you want them?

An even better question might be will you have any choice to reject them?
Cynical I think not knowing that some of the plans that are in the works will only allow you out of his plan if you can come up with big moola!  

Personally I do not want our government controlling who gets what we have already seen how our elderly would be treated under the residents care system and if you have done any research (not michael moore research real research) you should know the problems in the U.K, Canada, etc. and realize with Socialized Health Care you can wait forever to even see a doctor you could expire with that kind of care.

So do you want the residents people in charge of your shots?  The reason I ask is I see the New World Order has a Spanish accent...

Now I know I have a cynical mind but with the residents people running around telling us and the world that we are overpopulated one might wonder what could be put in those vaccinations.


New World Order has Spanish Accents
World overpopulated
Think about this Socialized Health Care costs

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