Thursday, April 23, 2009

Filthy, Fraudulent Fed

This will be short and to the point. Geithner and Paulson should be doing the perp walk.  The Resident should be impeached.  Law and Order as well as Fiscal Responsibility should be returned to our country.

The Resident is nothing more than a Fascist having been installed by the Elites.  The Fed is screwing us royally and filthy people like Tax Cheat Timmy should not have been allowed in the first dam place.

I have to say I do not think taxpayers should be bailing out anyone not the banks, the automakers, the insurance companies NADA not one single entity.  Rewarding bad behavior or criminal behavior whether it is allowing Illegal Aliens to stay in violation of our laws or throwing money at the banks who were at best negligent and at worse fraudulent or the criminal negligence of AIG in knowingly insuring crap without sufficient resources NADA!

Having made that clear there is something wrong when all the players are not treated equally and that is exactly what The Resident is doing and has done huge differences when it comes to the auto makers vs the banks. It also also so hypocritical to say bankers hould be allowed huge bonus's but auto workers retirement plans are too much. Again NADA none of them should get one dime of our hard earned money but I wanted to  make that point.

Moving on have you seen the latest with the Paulson lies?  Oh boy government sachs what would you expect....

Paulsen Recants; Bernanke didn't make me do it wow kind of like dirty dodd recanting and we find out it was at the direction of the White House and then of course the White House brought in an AIG player.

Former Treasury Secretary changes his story: HE was the one who decided to threaten Ken Lewis. What do Bank of America shareholders think of that read...

I do not know what his shareholders think but I do know what I think and I think instead of Banking Queen Barney slowing the investigation we should be organizing a way to throw out all these filthy pigs that walk the halls of congress and The Resident who allows and participates in this FRAUD!

I see Cuomo is on this. Cuomo Unveils Paulson, Bernanke, Lewis Conspiracy (BAC) read...

Have you seen the picture of Lawrence Summers (economic misadvisor) sleeping on the job?  It is probably just as well he is a worthless piece of crap who is on the payroll of the largest unregulated hedge fund, D.E. Shaw to the tune of $5.2 million last year alone.  Of course he will say to trust these secretive enterprises that operate beyond the law as long as they can make us pick up the tab for their adventures and he is making millions.

Barack Obama

I do not care where the resistance starts as long as the theft from us our children and grandchildren is stopped! I hope at least one of these attempts to have an investigation is on the up and up and I hope we see perp walks before they get to use all our stolen Loot they have stashed in foreign banks! 

They are purposely throwing us into a Depression at this point I do not care what anyone thinks as to the reason why we can worry about that later but if we do not find a way to put a stop to this now the civil unrest, food shortages and other disasters that will arise out of this financial terrorist attack being promulgated on us by the enemies within will leave desperation, poverty and oppression in the very near future.


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