Friday, April 17, 2009

Electrical Grid - Greenhouse Gasses Propaganda Push

Trust Us it is in your best interest to spend billions of dollars (we do not have) to (fatten the pocketbooks) upgrade the grid system.

You are the Puppets of the Puppets and we will force you to see what is best for you by using you as tools to finance our desire to be in control and remain rich.  Isn't that pretty much what it boils down to?  

Ignore the alternate research on Global Warming ignore the fact that the SPY reports warning of the Chinese infiltrating the electrical grid were put out as propaganda by our own government right before the Resident announced his plans for a new grid line!

Video: BBC The Great Global Warming Swindle

Here's more of the propaganda push.  Look for a big new GE smart grid project next week also today the EPA announced its plan to push for more regulations on greenhouse gasses.  You the tools will be forced to pay for new services it serves two purposes, one is they want to control the Internet and two its all part of making you pay for others whether that be others at the top enriching their pocketbooks or resident Acorn backers.

There is already warnings that it exceeds the bounds. We have just in the last few days learned they are listening exceeding the bounds but they want to make sure Big Bro can watch you too! Now that it has been reported that Congress has been listened in on they are going to investigate and others have filed suits over the sleezy Napolitano tactics!

James Love, director of Knowledge Ecology International, believing all the BS that emanated from the residents campaign about transparency in government, thought there would be no problem obtaining documents related to negotiations on the ACTA since it was supposedly only an intellectual property trade treaty whats the big deal right?  He filed a Freedom of Information request and learned what the resident said was BS its a big old secret poor old Hippy. The New World Order has to take away your liberty to give them the power never mind the Constitution and all that nonsense of spying on your own people for nefarious reasons. You deserve it for voting for him but the rest of us do not.

Digital surveillance

I do not know if this writer realizes he is pushing propaganda he is just doing what he is paid to do write articles in a favorable light.  Have you ever seen a better more organized New World Order group of propaganda pushers than those assembled by the CFR by installing the resident and his group?  


Propaganda leaked by our government
GE Smart Grid
Greenhouse Gasses
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