Sunday, April 12, 2009

Disinformation on Tea Parties

Seems everyone in politics is trying to latch onto the hugely popular Tea Party rallies to be held over the weekend and culminating on Tax Day with up to 2000 rallies around the U.S. well everyone expect the Communist nightly news who show no coverage of the large turnouts of the real Tea Party protests.

One such group is who is trying to get it on it is called “A New Way Forward” while their stated goals of decentralization and reform are admirable this group is sponsored by establishment liberals who represent the same people they claim to be protesting against. It is not as if they did not know who the obamageddon was representing so beware the disinformation . Their hope is to gain leadership positions in the populace uprising against out of control spending and big brother government.

As some have said “hope” is for the “powerless” and judging by the turn out of their events this saying holds true. Below are some pictures of their protests from yesterday in Chicago and Boulder. Approximately 25 protesters showed up at each anti-Tea Party event.

Fire Dog Lake’s Jane Hamsher & Code Pink’s D. C. tax protest fail to challenge Tea Parties:

Yesterday a group of ‘activist’ representing the false liberal left lead by Code Pink and liberal establishment blogger Jane Hamsher turn out in Washington D.C. by my count there were roughly 10 people not counting the handful of children who looked thoroughly bored.

Hamish is part of a group who is trying to discredit the grassroots nature of the populous Tea Parties by claiming that Fox News is funding the events. She was asked what proof she has of this, Ms. Hamsher would not answer the question claiming she had a more important interview to do.

On a side note who is funding her I would sure like to know who is funding Hamsher’s blog Fire Dog Lake? If she can’t draw any protesters to her event surely her blog can’t be reader funded. I have always suspected most ‘liberal’ bloggers are funded through trusts, grants or wealthy individuals. I know Move On is funded by Convicted Criminal Soros for example.


Early Tea Party rallies huge success:

By steep contrast the real Tea Parties which began yesterday are drawing large exuberant crowds of Americans who feel their will is not being done in Congress. The Tea Party rallies are being attended by conservatives, liberals, independents, libertarians, Democrats and Republicans.

1,500 gather for Pittsburgh Tea Party held April 11, 2009

Keep up the good work America do not listen to the Communist nightly news or Liberal Loonie Liars! Think H.R.450 this is an Act we should all get behind!


To attend a Real Tea Party

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