Thursday, April 16, 2009

Clinton stood by her sleezy man now Napolitano who does not have a man to stand by stands by her sleezy report

I see no problem standing by something that is true and just but a huge problem in standing by sleeze whether it be a no good cheating pig like bj Bill or a sleezy report meant to demonize and terrorize and discredit American Veterans and citizens pursuing their right to protest the policies of this failed government.

I remember all the talk about people failing to listen to the people and I know they are listening in on our conversations but they are not hearing what the Veterans and the citizens have to say!  Instead they are trying to label you as an extremist and a threat.  What happened to dissent being Patriotic?  I guess that was then this is now just like the residents promise of transparency when running for office was nothing more than a joke so is your right of dissent.  I am not the only person who knows the resident is a fascist...

Well we are not going away so Clinton and Napolitano you can stand by your sleeze but hear us now loud and clear millions of Americans are waking up to your police state policies and to your tax and spend us into a depression fascist ways.  We will not go silently into the night power does not equal right.

Stands behind Sleezy Report
Listening to you
Tea Party protester knows he is a fascist too
One question what about transparency?

So much for this stuff, eh? Open Govt my azz.

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