Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chinese Spies or American Propaganda?

Just yesterday America was abuzz talking about the Chinese Spies who infiltrated our electrical grid.  I was suspicious my mind immediately started wondering to a blog I had done just a few days prior (Big Bro is watching you) and The Resident's big plans to keep his takeover of the Internet a Secret. 

It also had me thinking of the inconvenient lies being spouted by those making the money off the global melting.  I will assume you know the suspects to which I refer if not do yourself a favor and follow the money.

Well it seems I am not the only one with a suspicious mind I found this article today and all I can say is my thoughts exactly.  Will the Real Spies please stand up!  It feels to me like we have entered the new Twilight Zone of disinformation being spoon fed to us by the global elites to enrich their pocketbooks.  China misinforms or rather controls their people isn't that the same thing our government seems to be doing to us?  When will The Obamageddon role out the tanks to enforce control after he finishes the destruction of our Economy and Riots and Food Shortages break out?  With the leadership of The Obamageddon have we become America the Chinese version?


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