Monday, April 6, 2009

Can The Courts Help?

Here is some news you may not have heard yet, keep reading it continues throughout.

The Resident's Criminal Backer George Soros once again says the End is near for the Dollar as the Worlds Reserve Currency and since he is a Convicted Criminal in France for Insider Trading and has made Mega Moo la in Speculating and Collapsing World Currencies with his inside track to The Resident why should we doubt him?

Well maybe the Courts will take Action in putting an end to some of this treachery,  they just ruled Congress overstepped it's authority back in 1994 and cannot put Public Domain back into copyright even if it is intended to bring the Country back into line with Treaties would they possibly step in then and put an end to the selling out of our National Sovereignty?  One can only hope like minded groups will band together and give the Courts a try.

Just a thought while they are at it maybe they could Sue to get back the Taxpayer Dollars being sent to Ponzi Schemers called Financial Nukes (notably Tax Cheat Timmy's buddies at AIG) and the Deadbeats who took out the Liars Loans too!  The Resident's plan will not help anyway even if we forget the fact that these people committed Fraud by overstating incomes.

Obviously all they are doing is LOOTING us in the HOPE and CHANGE style calling it Trickle UP Economics when in fact all the money is flowing to the banks, The Left has been BAMboozled which should come as no surprise given the reasons or lack of reason in voting for him. Otherwise where will it end with the Demise of the Dollar and the end of the United States Politically and Economically?

According to The Street  the Banks have already lost more money than they did in the Great Depression and I don't think sending the Citizens of America into a downward spiral to save those who through their own Greed are too big to save is the answer do you?  Banks are still failing check out the latest.  And who is AIG paying for the Ponzi scheme they had going well lo and behold they are paying for the Swaps they Fraudulently Insured to begin with making them a conduit to funnel money to their top trading partners good heavens firms like Tax Cheat Timmy's buddies at Government Sachs!

Now I read today that they envision a World Court at the G20 it was in reference to Shutting Down Our Freedom of Speech via controlling the internet (see Big Bro is Watching You) and I can well imagine they envision a lot more.  I also see that as an end run around Congress and a usurpation of our Sovereignty.  

Hopefully someone will take notice and do what they can before Soros proves himself right.


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