Monday, April 6, 2009

Big "BRO" Is Watching YOU and here is what he plans to do!

I thought it odd when I first started reading items about Big BRO pushing so hard for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. 

Now I get it Big Bro you can't rope everyone with false Hope.

Under a shroud of National Security secrecy, the Obamageddon administration is negotiating a "New World Order" treaty that would permit the government to search, at will, through personal computers, laptops, and mp3 players.

All the "Promised" Transparency well promises were meant to be broken over and over and again under Big BRO this also it seems was to remain a SECRET well Big BRO some of us like things that affect our way of life to see Sunshine I was taught that things that were EVIL were usually brought about in Darkness in an effort to disguise Truth and from what I can see you Govern in Blackness!  

America here is why you should care and contact your Representatives about the EVIL plans of Big "BRO"!  

What is ACTA?

In Oct. 2007 the United States, the European Community, Switzerland and Japan simultaneously announced they would negotiate a new intellectual property enforcement treaty, the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA, Australia the Republic of Korea, New Zealand,  Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Canada have joined the negotiations.  Although the proposed treaty's title might suggest the agreement deals only with counterfeit physical goods (i.e., Coach purses and DVDS cheaply made in China or medicines) the almost total lack of information that has been made available for the public by the negotiating governments makes it clear that it will have a far broader scope, and in particular will deal with new tools targeting "Internet distribution and information technology".

You have all seen how Unfairly our leaders have seen fit to submit us to Unfair Trade Agreements like NAFTA, (Shafta the US), CAFTA, etc. well here we go again.  Since the conclusion of the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Issues of Intellectual Property in 1994 (TRIPS) most new intellectual property enforcement powers have been created outside of the traditional multilateral venues, through bilateral and regional free trade agreements entered into by the United States and the European Community with their respective key trading partners, ACTA is the new frontline in the global IP enforcement agenda.  

It is no accident that to date little information has been released about the actual content of the agreement, Big BRO doesn't want you to know!  It is clearly on a fast track I am sure in the hopes you don't read too much about it and decide to fight back.  As WND reports a pair of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online date, regulate the Cybersecurity industry and even shut down Internet traffic during a declared "Cyber emergency" well if you think that is a conspiracy theory, think New World Order now and the fact that Big "BRO" announced the New World Order at the G20 with his Conspirators at the Summit then tell me how far fetched it is.

This is why you should care.  ACTA has several features that raise significant potential concerns for consumers' privacy and civil liberties, for innovation and the free flow of information (We aren't China yet but would be similar with this piece of garbage!) on the Internet.  

Citizen of the World Big BRO has already sold America down the Drain with the score Europe 1 America ZERO at the G20 so please contact your Representatives today and say no go to Big BRO!  


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