Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Bro is Listening to you too ....

A while back we learned Big Bro was watching us and oddly I did not see widespread news coverage from the mainstream media who I now refer to as communist nightly news nor did I see protests from the left who protested everything before.  How odd is that? 

I know the Commissar darn it slipped again I mean the resident just placed an avowed communist in his administration but I do not think the resident is a communist or a socialist so that was just an attempt at humour (though we know socialism is the stepping stone to communism) no I think he is a fascist posing as a communist for the time being.  Now I see Big Bro is listening to us too way more than legal limits allow.  

If you were a Tea Party protester you are already labeled pretty much an enemy of the obama state even if you were a Veteran something the resident is not which I seem to recall the looney left making quite an issue of with past Presidents.  How odd is that? 

Point being besides the Glaring Hypocrisy when you were making plans to protest his tax and spend us into a depression policies one of his operatives may have listened when your wife was discussing with her girlfriend what shirt she was wearing so they did not end up with the same or too similar of an outfit at the protest.  You better warn her she may just have to take the chance at future protests and wear what she wants unless she does not mind one of the residents operatives listening in. 

If you know a lady who is on the other hand in the process of  the change of life that could be a real hoot if you called them to discuss the resident kidding of course with people being as labeled as right wing extremists enemies of the state I doubt insanity is a legal defense in a fascist state and I know printing and clipping the get out of the gulag card will not work either even though the monopoly money he is printing to pay back the bankers who paid him handsomely is being used as our current currency.

Big Bro Listening
Big Bro Watching
Avowed Communist

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