Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barney Banking Queen Bait and Switch

Rep. Frank Slows Market Regulation Bill
I would want to slow that puppy down too if I were the Banking Queen.  With the alleged Suicide of the Acting Director of Freddie Mac yesterday and the Investigations into all the Fraud at Fannie/Freddie and Barney's old "Love Connectionn " at the Agency this does not surprise me.

Just a few days ago Piglosi claimed there would be a big Percora type Investigation I doubted it then seems none of the Democrats who are continuously crying Wolf want the public to really know they were the Wolves!

Can you just imagine how a real investigation into the likes of dirty dodd who even beat out the smelly one in the take from the banks and getting himself one of the dirty special treatment loans from Angelo at Countrywide would look right now or the smelly one himself who also got the stinky special loan and sued banks to force them to give loans to unqualified buyers look?  How would the Communist nightly news ever be able to bring themselves to tell the story of all the times John McCain tried to look into and stop the free for all looting that was taking place by Franklin Raines and the Trillion dollars promised for toxic loans by Johnson (a BO advisor) that chick from CNN would have a breakdown!  I heard she already was off the air doing something like that could drive her to suicide.  

Yes Banking Queen I can see why you do not want the truth to come out even the liberal loonies may start to figure out the stress tests and the transparency are nothing but a show.


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It's good to be the king -- until you start tripping over your own robe.

His minions haven't asked GM to give up the Chevy Volt, even after determining it will be a profitless black hole, because of the king's fondness for green...

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