Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Banning Gardens + Monsanto + Population =

Under the Obamageddon's Administration Nina Fedoroff,  who now advises Shrill Hill yesterday reported that there are just WAY TOO MANY of us.   She said the Worlds Population EXCEEDS its Limits.   (By the way why are our Government Officials always so worried about the World and not Americans? )  Gee whiz lets see how that works since they convinced most Americans years ago they were reproducing too much then proceeded to allow and encourage and AID legal immigration and ILLEGAL immigration into the United States.  You would almost think one hand doesn't know what the other is doing if you didn't know any better.

We are overpopulated, times are tough but you will be a Criminal soon if you plant your own garden.  It could Poison you apparently, obviously the Food imported from the Cesspools of the World where the clintons have vested interests like China, Mexico is far superior for your health just ignore those stories of Salmonella, Death.  Like this piece says clintons Poison the Cake and Make us Eat it too.  

There goes the off the Grid Living you need to be Controlled for your OWN GOOD!

Fedoroff says we NEED Monsanto, same thing BJ Bill said and profited from KA-CHING $$$ cashing in is so Sweet!  Besides David Rockefeller who has long issued Dire Warnings about the Environment and Population Control and then went into a partnership with Monsanto, Gates, just ignore that too.  Clintons made how much money from China, Monsanto?  There's Gold in them their Gardens and none of it belongs to you!

Now Conspiracy theorists will be quick to say the intent is to Kill you off with Monsantos GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and who knows with 666 in charge but I'm going with the old follow the money theory in the mean time.

What do Banning Gardens, Monsanto ( MOOLA money in those cows and seeds filled with additives) and Population Control = well KA-CHING $$$


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