Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Lives are the least of the Obamageddons Concern

Schools around the nation are closing, Biden says do not take the subways or get on a plane and all I hear on the communist nightly news is there is a Pandemic going on in Mexico the entire government is shutting down and yet...

Not only do they NOT secure our borders to contain the virus they will not even allow our Border Patrol to wear masks. No we would rather have you infected and unprotected than to
offend the LOONEYS!

Border Patrol agents ordered NOT to wear protective masks against Mexican swine flu!

Here is the number to leave a comment at DHS - 1-202-282-8495 I hope you call and give them a piece of your mind! 
The WHO announced yesterday that every country should make all preparations for a pandemic. Our officials at the USA/Mexico border are not allowed to protect themselves!! Just another example of our current administration putting others ahead of the citizens. We the people of the United States of America do not matter in today's Whitehouse. But those who are invading our country by entering illegally do matter to them.


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