Saturday, April 25, 2009

100 Days of Change for the Worse...

The Obamageddon works for the BANKS!

Plain and simple he is not a Socialist nor a Communist he is a Fascist...

Here is the Change (all for the Worse in his first 100 days) again from one of the best but either uninformed or filled with Hopenosis before the election
by the Communist nightly news who showed only what they wanted people to see about the obamageddon since he fell for it and voted for him Karl Denninger the Market Ticker Guy...

It's change you got.

We got more corruption.

We got more abrogation of The Constitution.

We got more bailouts.

And you think the Tea Parties were some "right wing hackery" eh?

This video is clearly NOT "right wing" hackery.  To the contrary, it contains plenty of complaints about both Democrats and Republicans.

No, I did not produce this video.

The last 45 seconds is where I hope we do not need to go.  That people are thinking we might, however, tells me that The Tea Parties are indeed not some sort of "political right-wing hackery."

We have:

  • 535 in Washington, the majority criminals conspiring to violate The Constitution with wild and wanton abandon.
  • 535 in Washington, the majority of whom refuse to rein in The Federal Reserve, an organization that has wantonly, deliberately and repeatedly acted vastly in excess of its legal authority.
  • 535 in Washington, the majority of whom refuse to rein in, investigate and punish Treasury, who along with The Federal Reserve now stand accused by a CEO in sworn testimony before the NY State Attorney General of conspiring (with him) to violate securities laws and through that process the rights of Americans who owned Bank America stock.
  • 535 in Washington, allegedly "representing" Americans, who violated the letter and spirit and letter of that representation in September and October of 2008, passing a bill opposed 300:1 by Americans, and then did it again by releasing the second half of the funds.
  • 535 in Washington, who confirmed and still back a man nominated to be the head of the IRS - a man who admitted to cheating on his taxes.

And one President, Barack Obama, who ran on a message of "change." 

I voted for him.

It appears that I am not the only person who has figured out that we got "change" all right.  But the change we got wasn't the change we voted for.

We got more corruption, more (proposed) taxes in the form of a Carbon Tax, admitted tax cheats spread through the Cabinet, a Treasury and Federal Reserve that have continued to wantonly violate black letter statue and an executive that has continued to claim that we must "move on."

Note this well:

We have a major bank CEO who appears to have alleged to the NY State Attorney General a conspiracy in which he participated at alleged (monetary) "gunpoint", the central act of which was the embezzlement of tens of billions of dollars from The American People performed not only by him but also by and with The Chairman of The Federal Reserve and The Head of Treasury - two high government officials.

Lynn Turner, former chief accountant of the SEC, says:

"If these allegations are proven true both Bernanke and Paulson should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

This is a scandal that makes Watergate look like a common everyday burglary where a TV set was stolen, and I am willing to bet that it does not begin or end with Bank of America.

Barack Obama says he is not going to try to impose firearms restrictions; that he recognizes "political realities."  Oh?  What's this? (click for a full-size copy) 

Karl were you over here reading my blog?

Let me ask just one question:

Would you "move on" if your wife, daughter or niece was savagely robbed and raped by a gang of hoodlums?

Then why should you "move on" when your children, grandchildren and those not yet born are saddled with over one hundred thousand dollars in debt that they will be requiredto pay so that criminals can not only go free, but don't lose their fancy homes and cars?

The acts that led us here were not mistakes.  They were deliberate acts; willful blindness and even fraud.

Fraud is a crime, and crimes of such monetary import are arguably just as serious as violent criminal offenses.

The longer the cops refuse to come to the people's aid, instead conspiring with and becoming the criminals themselves, the more we will see views like the below spread - perhaps to the point where America will cry.

Stop the madness.

No one seems to be saying it any better or making it any clearer than Denninger.


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