Friday, March 6, 2009

You Voted For Change It's Coming

Did you ever watch the TV show Jericho? The premise was that the modern-day world has suffered a nuclear attack, knocking out 23 American cities and sending the United States into chaos. The action centers on the small town of Jericho — a small, rural Kansas town.

I liked the show and found it highly believable based on today’s world events. Two Rival factions in our government end up fighting for control and I missed some episodes and it went off the air but from what I remember both were claiming power under the COG (Continuance of Government) plan.

I just read this article and it says the dear leader may be subjecting our troops to the International Court.

Of course we have witnessed how much the world loves the troops. The Dear Leader has no problems sending more troops to Afghanistan, threatens to take on Pakistan, has not had the love affair with Iran he promised yet he will not shield our troops? Remember when he had the sickest event in of all places Germany where he proclaimed himself and US to be Global Citizens? Remember that he refuses and spends millions not to produce his birth certificate? Soldiers are already questioning if they have to take orders from him because of that wait until they find out about this plan, which brings me back to Jericho.

The ICC is has frightening implications for our military as well as for all of us as citizens of the USA. The ICC is an attempt to override the laws of individual nations (including their constitutions) with respect to the actions of all citizens that have 'bearing' on international (multi-national) interests. This means, in effect, replacing (or worse unifying) all concepts of law (natural law, mosaic law, sharia law, marxist law) by a hodge-podge of political law motivated to give to the UN international control of our foreign policies and statutes. Realize that the UN is rapidly becoming an Islamic-dominated body.

Who knows what kind of horror we will end up with as the result of this usurper being elected? We have already seen our retirements wiped out, we are forced to pay for not only irresponsible citizens and banks but Illegal Aliens and we are being over run with Illegal Aliens who were already criminals before they crossed our border. Where will it all end? Let's hope not in a scenario like Jericho.


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