Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

I am not talking about the Internet rumours of Frank Marshall Davis, Malcolm X and the like here even though those nude (warning sexually explicit) pictures of obama's mama may make some people wonder. I am referring to who is really the Bankers Baby $$?

I have been meaning to look more into the ties of The Smelly One to that evil little maggot Soros I have so many articles showing the ties and I will do it eventually though it would require a lot more then I do on this little blog because the ties are deep!

I was thinking about Market Manipulation with The Obamageddon constantly running it down and wiping out thousands of innocent Americans retirements and jobs in the process. If you think about it that in itself seems fishy that Mr. Hope is suddenly so Hopeless.

I know the Democrats set up a nice tidy slush fund for the maggot (Soros) and I personally viewed that as a payback for all the hard cold cash he donated to them so heavily. My mind keeps wandering back to the article I found on the Dummies Underground long before the election though I wouldn't agree with all the writers assumptions it was very interesting since it pointed out just how Sweet The Obamageddon was to the Banks when his own party was pleading with him not to vote for the Banks and the fact that he was indeed a Bankers Baby $$.

No one wants to talk about the fact that B. Hussein got that sweetheart deal on his mortgage, as did Dirty Dodd or the fact that their buddy Angelo (Countrywide) got it for them and is back in business, how sweet it is to be connected! I know Jim Rogers was telling his Saudi pals to dump the dollar and he is saying there will be riots, maybe being Soro's old partner he knows more than we do....hmm. I know Soros wrecked other Economies and he picked up the bones of Indy Mac, it just sickens me that the little maggot is not sitting in prison but again how sweet it is to be connected.

I'm getting to it, bear with me. Now the Democrats have been in control of Congress for a while they along with The Obamageddon and the Sell Out Republicans had no problem voting for the TARP you have to keep that in mind. I don't know if that was Guilt for their roles in causing the crisis or just you pat my back, I'll pat yours. OK here is what I am getting to now Dirty Dodd cannot wait to blow some more of your hard earned money to give to the banks, SENATE MOVES TO GIVE $500 BILLION MORE. Interesting isn't it? The party of the people???

We all know about Tax Cheat Timmy's failures and the big money behind him right? How about the ties that bind to Kissinger and Soros? Well there's more nosing around to be done thats for sure and I don't know if the Market is being purposely manipulated or not but I am wandering Obamageddon $$ who's your daddy??


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