Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Here's some change you can believe in the Democrats headed by The Resident Donkey and FIRMLY in control of the process STEALING  from you to pay off their banker buddies!  

Nice DOG and pony show they put on until they found out you were on to them, then the Resident DONKEY said "We Can't Govern Out Of Anger" (at least not until we get my Private Army Set Up).

Then the Resident DONKEY sent the boyz from Government Sachs to find a way to Legally Loot you with their Cash For Trash plan as the Resident Donkey tries to cover up the truth!

This Lawlessness begets More Lawlessness.  

Did they let the dogs out to purposely shred our dollar and ruin our Economy so you will live like dogs?  The Resident Donkey may be able to fool some but people in China read the news and China's not FOOLING about the Dollar!   I think they did,  so  now you know who let the dogs out and they should all be collared and leashed and then put in the Pound permanently with the other dogs who are vicious making them unsuitable as pets.


You were on to them
Stealing from you
Dog and pony show
Tries to cover up
Half Honkey-All Donkey Tries to cover up he is in the pockets of the banks
White House May BypassFilibuster Rule  
Resident Donkey We Can't Govern Out Of Anger
Private Army
Government Sachs
Legally Loot
Cash For Trash
Covers up the Truth
More Lawlessness
Read the news
Ruin Our Economy
Chinas not FOOLING
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