Monday, March 2, 2009

Tune into Technology

In the past I would have said COOL! I know that dates me my son said no one would get "It's Howdy Gulag Time", I wonder if he was right? But Back To The Future, gosh that probably dates me too and I am not trying to give you an essay on with age comes wisdom but I just wanted to share with you some of the new technology I have been reading about.

First your driver's license will be spying on you! Now whether you believe this to be part of 666 or you just don't want the big brother to know where you are every single waking moment, or even the other half , bet your not laughing now, it is wise to keep up on what is being developed and going on in this (sic) Brave New World where our own government is implementing Economic Terrorism of it's citizens.

For instance, Say you just want to "BLAST" off to try and get away from the Mugabee face of Global Television for the Great Leader.

Or you are trying to build a bunker to save your family from.... The proliferation of space warfare technology.

Whatever the reason, whatever the season check back from time to time for blasts from the past (because sometimes what's old is new again) and updates on Technology, Economic Terrorism and timely tips on how to facilitate the fall of America.


Hey Big Brother....

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