Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Tinkerbell Plan

Did you hear the (Faux) Outrage The Wizard of Uh's expressed?

I guess he is really Angry that YOU are Outraged and it may slow down his plan to DESTROY AMERICA!

Personally I loved the Sentiment expressed by Senator Grassley, however I think it should be directed at The Wizard of Uhs and his Boyz who helped Craft it!

We must remember the Senate is Controlled by Demoncrats, The Wizard of Uhs called it a CRISIS, hell it was soooo bad that if time were taken to read it the United States would Expire on the spot!  With the Wizardry coming out of this Administration we would all be better off believing in Tinkerbell to improve the Financial Sector.  

Bloomberg has a much watch video of Jim Rogers explaining how the Bail Outs will send us into a Depression.  I have included some other videos of Rogers in the sources below he makes sense and explains it in a way ALL should be able to understand using language like didn't your mother tell you not to throw good money after bad, etc.

The Wizard of Uhs and his boyz by the way will be hitting you up YET again and again!  If you think they will serve you the Citizen, think again they (including The Wizard of Uhs) were paid off most handsomely .

He has mobilized his Army in another attempt to Stick It To YOU!  Don't be confused I know you thought the Liberals were the Party of the people the reality is they are the Real Fascists! They do not even want to allow you to grow your own Food when the Depression they are creating arrives.  Monsanto sewed that all up with BJbill and The Wizard of Uhs will finish it!

Oh I know how will they know who is planting what, right?  If they do not confiscate your land that is.  They will have your weapons too, look at this list own anything on it?

So while The Wizard of Uhs is busy making sure Illegal Aliens get the Stimulus Jobs (Where the White Workers At?) and Partying today I think Tinkerbell would serve you better fixing the Economic Crisis The Wizard of Uhs and his Boyz helped Create.


Wizard of Uhs Received how much from AIG alone, $101,332!  If he is so Outraged shouldn't he return it to the Taxpayers?
These (following below) are the products that our financial "experts" are talking about that must be unwound.  Can you just imagine hahaha Barney Fagg didn't know? I suppose if the Mexican police can be corruped with Drug Money, why can't Barney FAGG as Americas Financial Cop turn a Blind Eye when the
BANKERS AND LAWYERS give him a Million Dollars in just One Year!
Know what the Derivatives cost per person?  BJ Bill says he should have done a better job nice of him to admit that after the payoffs...
Federal Debt to EXCEED World GNP
Done in Iraq now they won't answer to Muslim Terrorists they will answer to Monsanto Terrorists who paid off BJ Bill long ago!
Seeds of Domination - the Monsanto Monopoly
I know your mother taught you not to throw money down a Rathole!  I know she taught you not to throw good money after BAD!  Dollar will be destroyed, he said he does think our Government is trying to DEBASE the currency!
Hyperinflation will Consume US!  America is counting its Last Breaths!

The rhetoric grew so heated yeserday that  Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) suggested in a radio interview that AIG executives ought to "follow the Japanese model . . . resign, or go commit suicide." An aide later explained he does not actually want executives to kill themselves.
Mexico slaps Tariffs on US products in dispute, how about we SLAP BACK Mexico and their criminals home???

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