Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunny Day...Sweeping the Clouds Away!

Even as Nervous Democrats wonder aloud if they are taking the right approach to the Crisis they Created and confront Madam Piglosi asking,  if the house is on Fire, where are the Fire Trucks?  Yet again ACORN'S Thugs gear up to Shout Them Down!  With the help of Move On they want to Move into your wallet!

Matters not if our Economy is in Free Fall YOU owe them a house!  U.S. Tax Receipts just took a dive off the cliff to a 14 year low, job loss hits double digits (by government numbers but we all know it is worse) in 4 states and even Sesame Street has cut back (a program many low income children learn from), The Dear Leader aided and abetted by Madam Piglosi is determined to further destroy our Economy. Poor, unarmed citizens are so much easier to control you know.......

She said she is open for more of your money to Move out of your wallet.  It does not end there here comes the Agency they ran into the ground the eternal Black Hole Freddie Mac for More of Your Money!

You may find this cynical but I came across an article from CNN - Washington Plan for Big Bank Failure, yea I think they had a plan all along.  I think it was probably called the Cloward-Piven Strategy.  A strategy where they create a disaster to pick your pocket and fundamentally change the entire shape of our Country and force you into submission.  Power To The People?  Hardly, power to The Dear Leader and you America bought it Hook, Line and Sinker!

Seems now Thousands and Thousands of Americans are having buyers remorse grading the Dear Leader with a F.  How appropriate since we have all been F$#%$d as a result of your poor uninformed voting choice.  I know you proved you were not prejudiced even though it matters not as every other day one of them is claiming you are.  You did so at your own expense, but also at the expense of the many dear hard working decent Citizens of our once great Country.  

Our Budget Deficit has just hit $756 BILLION (Social Security or 101K's now, forget about it, the old can just die from lack of healthcare under the socialized plan or go back to work until they wish they were dead) but still the Madness continues. In Hawaii where the Usurper claims to have been born,  it is important to register those Incarcerated Felons to vote Democratic (Communist) you know!  95 % of Felons vote that way-Power To The Criminals!!!

The onslaught of Criminals Invading our Southern Border continues, did not president BJ say by passing NAFTA that would stop?  Not to worry The Dear Leader is right now back tracking on NAFTA screwing Americans again.  

Coincidentally speaking of Criminals did you read about Warren Buffett and Bill Gates (both Smelly One supporters) buddy, Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman?  It sure does pay to be connected he made Forbes Billionaire list.  They should try to convince him to help his own people, I don't care if they do it Chicago style,  instead of pushing their Criminals and poor across the border for you to provide for.

As the children in the future America prepare to go to work early in the morning like they do in other third world cesspools for " The Dear Leader" I don't think they will have time to watch Sesame Street anyway.  The new song they will be singing will probably go something like this...

Gloomy Days, my parents voted my future away!


Democrats Burnin Down Da House!

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