Monday, March 30, 2009

Stock Up-If you CAN!

With The Resident's New World Order moving at break neck speed and your Liberties being flushed down The Residents toilet you may want to print out a copy of this URINAL TARGET to remind you who is doing the flushing, besides frankly the only place, if any, a picture of The Resident would be placed in any decent home is in the toilet.  The Resident has just  once again signed another bill in violation of the his promise to have them available for public comment for 5 days, he has done that so many times I have lost count, would it surprise you if he signed something banning guns or ammunition without comment?

Talk to the hand if you are offended Looney Toons you have no moral authority with your dear leaders stance on Live Birth Abortions (Hypocrites how dare you call Soldiers Baby Killers!)

Is it any wonder we have a Nationwide Ammo Shortage?  

Throughout America, retailers like Wal-Mart and Dick's Sporting Goods have been unable to keep enough ammo on the shelves since last fall.  Sellers, gun enthusiasts and manufacturers trace the shortage to two main factors: worries that the bad economy (you own it now Resident with your incessant spending and no banker left behind policies!) will spiral into social upheaval and lawlessness, and concerns that Resident Obama will pursue legislative restrictions on guns and ammunition reports Citizen Times.  I am sure the Looney tunes will rush to his defense just like they do in support of his policies of Killing Babies and say your concern is irrational. Just keep in mind those thoughts would be coming from people who have no problems not protecting the least amongst us so who are the real Looney Tunes?

The National Rifle Association has a very good article in which they point out another tactic being used to further The Residents goals.  War on Drugs, War on Guns?

Why does The Resident need a Mandatory/Volunteer Army, (an oxymoron from a moron)?  Could it be that he wants to Harness the Rage that he and those surrounding him create in case they need it to set forth upon you?  You will have to decide that for yourself but I would stock up if you can find it!


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