Thursday, March 5, 2009

Situation CRITICAL

I have come across so many articles today I think you should know about and it would take more time than I have to write a piece about them all so I am simply going to share them with you if you can't read them all today at least you will know where to find them for later!

Take Care Readers the Situation is CRITICAL!

Most Chinese Economists Favor Gold Over US Treasuries for Their National Reserves

Barbarously inconvenient to the global dollar hegemon, maybe Zimbabwe Ben will have to find a way to pick up the slack?


What's Dead (Short Answer: All Of It)

Financial and Economic Crisis Entering the Panic Phase

Fed Refuses to Release Bank Data, Insists on Secrecy (Update3)

Jobless Claims in U.S. Exceed 600,000 for Fifth Week; Productivity Falls

Scandal at Treasury: Official Quits Amidst Fraud Scandal This jerk should be indicted, not allowed to slither off with a resignation. Gee, I thought this new administration was all about accountability and transparency

President Obama's czar system concerns some (Like ME!)

Another Boneheaded move from the Obama Administration -Another smooth move from the Harlem Globetrotter Administration. This time towards Michigan, The Detroit News laments:

U.S. Officials Admit Huge Regulatory Gaps on AIG so What's the Endgame?

Criminal Aliens Invading US While President Obama Fiddles

The FDIC needs an infusion .The next thing you need to do is convert that cash to durable goods and into some form that will be usable when the inevitable hyper-inflation comes. The cash will be useless.

Here is whats about to happen:
1. China and other foreign entities refuse to purchase more US debt.
2. The US Government has two options at this point:
a. decalare bankruptcy or
b. print more money.

In every case in recorded history, option b is taken. Which leads to

3. Hyper-inflation destroys the value of the currency. The dollar is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Worst is yet to come for job market

This is the most brutal downturn in decades, but the unemployment numbers only show part of the pain.

Minnesota Gun Registration Scheme to be Heard Friday! (tommorow)

Idaho's Response to H.R. 45 (Attention all Gun Owners).

Mexico worried about getting less US anti-drug aid, Well Mexico, you can always hit up one of your many Billionaires for the cash. We're tapped out thanks in large part to your citizens.

Citi Breaks Buck, GM Below $2 as Market Hits New Lows

Why are we heading for the next Great Depression in one word? Obamageddon

It Was Inevitable: Ford Can't Dodge the Financial Bullet


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