Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Silence is Golden

Hello anybody out there? All I hear is Silence now about "Freedom of Speech". Where are all are the Free Speech Advocates now? Hey if you do not like what I say on this little blog you are free not to click on it but I should be free to say what I want!

First they came for the Bankers, and I said nothing, I wasn't a Banker. I know that analogy is being given lots of play these days with the Disaster in Chief we have running our Country into the Ground day after day but I am going to reference it anyway for the Victims of the Far Left Public School Systems, myself included (MN). I just took it upon myself to try and keep learning and when you know better, you are supposed to do better so even if Silence is Golden for them my eyes still see.

You already know they are coming after the Gun Owners
much has been written about that as well and I try to update any bit of news I find regarding that. Well here they are it appears they will be coming after me! If you doubt it can happen just read how they shut it down in other countries and the Death Threats and prosecution or should I say persecution of people like Geert Wilder and Lionhart!

They used similar tactics to try and Silence just yesterday against Lou Dobbs , the Opposition of Illegal Alien Activists! They called them Racist, the ACLU listed them as Hate Sites. If you cannot see the danger in the Far Left factions you are purposely Blind. The people who were so very worried in the past about the Detention Centers built in America where are you now? If you believe for a moment when all hell breaks loose after our economy finishes crumbling at the hands of the Smelly One that he and his Brown Shirts would hesitate to lock up those who do not agree, think again.

The Analogy was a warning and it is coming to pass and this Democratic blogger who wants the Smelly One to fail could also be on the list. Those behind the curtain wanted to artificially create a Great Depression and destroy the dollar, so as to roll out a socialistic society (ah but not for long the Hitlerbama will rear his ugly head soon).

By now, it should be quite obvious as to what is going on. They’ve been ratcheting up the control, and remember who was in control in congress using all the “Patriot Acts” and FISA bills, while placing another controlled puppet into the White House. This new puppet, the fast-talking Chi-Town Hustler, Barry Soetoro, will utilize the “Useful Idiots,” crazed with Obama mania and liberal diversity fervor, to politically (or worse) intimidate and silence the rapidly growing awareness of the American public to the people who have been behind this lying mess from day-one

Keep in mind Hitlerbama followed the teachings of another world horror who said...

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.......Karl Heinrich Marx


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