Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Rise And Fall Of The Bezzle

Remember Nafta Gate where The Globalbama was against it before he was for it and then when he was in Canada he was against it again?

Remember the Bank Bailout where he acted like he was against it but voted for it anyway and continues to pour money into the black hole to this day through the use of his tools like Dirty Dodd and Tax Cheat Timmy?

Remember how The Globalbama was for Protectionist policies in his latest stinkulous plan?

Well he is against it again! The whole world is practicing protectionism and calling for more of the same, but the United States is "putting up barriers" when it does? Globalism has failed.

The United States is not a corporation, it is a nation. We are citizens, not consumers. You are supposedly the president of the United States not the President of the World! You've killed your own market STUPID or is he just full of Liagra, just yesterday we find our hard earned tax money was used to LOOT I mean bail out foreign banks? Or was it, who really knows with the Feds refusing to give up information maybe it was shall we say "deposited" for a rainy day???

In Globalbamas America 700 people applied for ONE janitorial position. Breadlines are forming in California. Today we find out we are just "Tools" to be used for whatever or whoever is pulling the Globalbamas strings. The Rise of the Bezzle and the Fall of the Bezzle and many were
indeed Deceived!


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