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Has the Obama HOOD inspired CONNED-Fidence in You?

This is really just a way for me to save some most valuable articles so I can later use them to say "I told you so" to any of the skeptics I shared them with.

It is also for anyone who thinks Robbing You to pay for the Banks or his Hood Rats was an intelligent option.  If anyone takes the time to read them and does not come to the conclusion the Obama Hood is the DEAD end and our Economy is Strong go for it!

I for one think the Obama Hoods mouth alone was a form of Market Manipulation and that coupled with his continued insistence to spend, spend, spend has spent the FUTURE of America.  As the Obama HOOD tries to convince China and the World there is still a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow hopefully you will be wise enough to save what little you have left and buy a little land, plant a garden, figure out who you can barter with until  sometime in the future when a new day dawns .

This article means the Market is betting the US will not be able to pay its debt.

U.S. sovereign-credit spreads rise sevenfold in year 

Risk gauge outpaces measure of corporate-credit risk as U.S. bails out banks

Moody's predicts default rate will exceed peaks hit in Great Depression!!

TODAY!  Merkel Keeps Cashbox Closed as She Spurns Obama’s Stimulus Plea 

From Nouriel Roubini: Reflections on the latest dead cat bounce or bear market sucker’s rally

So, in conclusion and caveat emptor for investors; Dear investors, do enjoy this dead cat bounce and bear sucker's rally..don't wait too long until you jump ship while the financial Titanic hits the next financial iceberg, you may get squeezed and crashed in the rush to the lifeboats. Another here..

Roubini: U.S. Banks Already Toast

Soro's old partner in Quantum Funds,

Jim Rogers - Things are Going to Get Much Worse. Social Unrest in a Few Years!  

Told the Saudis get out of the dollar!  ooh and this 

China Stimulus Can’t Pull World Out of ‘Hole,’ Jim Rogers Says”

Chua Kong Ho

“Exclusive Interview: Jim Rogers Says If He Were China, He Would Scale Back On Buying US Bonds”

OK moving on...

This article is China warning the Obama Hood about his reckless spending (I find it hard to believe the Chinese are stupid enough to continue lending at least for very much longer).

Here is the Obama Hood Kissing the Ring Finger of Don Wen Jiabo

Others also warned the Obama Hood at the G20 about his reckless spending!  More where these came from you can google it.

US push for more spending gets cold reception from Europe.

Merkel Rejects Calls for New Stimulus Package Before G20 Meeting

Putin warns the US and UK of soviet style economics

What pray tell does the Obama Hood do? Well for one thing he and his minions are readying another BAILOUT!  It does not end there here comes another, other BAILOUT for the eternal BLACK HOLE Freddie Mac!

He is worried about how you the decent citizens of our country will react so he is busy readying his HOOD thugs to convince you and any Democrats who even try to resist!


 and this is quite a warning in itself.

There is an interesting article in the NYT Week in Review.

BTW, what got left out of the article was the discussion of various ratios, and the issue with inventory (there’s too much) and affordability (debt servicing, down payments).

The charts are particularly telling:

MORE to ponder...

CitiFRAUD talks to the Smelly One he puts out the word buy stock and no one reads that Citi FRAUD is a FRAUD!


Crisis? What crisis? 

Commentary: Citi's Pandit and B of A's Lewis diverge in damage control-

 China is saying US must keep AAA rating and the spending of the Smelly One combined with our already overwhelming debt and interest on that debt will make that impossible.

and at the G20... in the face of turmoil that’s showing few signs of abating. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Financials Index has dropped 35 percent this year and a lack of lending is pushing the global economy deeper into its worst recession in six decades.  THIS WEEKEND!!!!   Economy Still Weakening

Data will this week show U.S. factories and home builders scaled back even more last month and European industrial production dropped the most on record in January, according to surveys of economists by Bloomberg News.

Citigroup Re-Arranges Deck Chairs; Market Applauds(?)  

Obviously, Citigroup (C) has continued to be much in the news of late, first becoming a penny stock and then enjoying a nice bounce this past week because, well…(short covering?)  
Again....This means the markets are betting we cannot pay our bills....
Well anyway you should get the picture and as I said this is really just for reference so if you don't like my editing tough!  Seems I am not alone in thinking about the Gardening!

Dollars from dirt: Economy spurs home garden boom


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