Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ObamaCon or Darwin Award Nominee?

US banks may need more bail-outs, says Ben Bernanke

04 March 2009

Stock markets across the world suffered a second day of turbulence as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve warned that the US Government may have to pour even more cash into the twin bail-outs of its financial and economic systems.

There are reasons why I refer to him as a Chi Town Hustler. He was conning (not a typo) enough to pull off the biggest fraud in History on his Eligibility alone.

Now he tells all the laid off Suckers who voted for him to Buy STOCKS while he sinks whats left of our Economy. Now either he should win this years Darwin awards or he is hoping to be conning enough to once again Rope some Dopes with Hope.

All the Experts are screaming trying to get this Hustler to see what effect he is having on the markets. The Market Ticker Guy who if you do a little research is an up and up guy said today....

Here is what the stock market thinks of you NOT doing this and allowing your stooge Moe, er, Taxcheatin'Timmy, to instead continue to pour taxpayer money into a black hole to save his FRIENDS in the banking business.

I couldn't swear to this I can't find actual figures but from what I have read I believe he has beat out Bernie Madoff in wiping out peoples retirements by far either by his ineptitude or conning manipulation of the markets by running them down it reminds me of Schumer running his mouth resulting in the run on the bank, or Feinstein leaking classified information the effect is damaging, not to just Wall Street but mom and pops retirement accounts.

If that doesn't fall into a category of concern for you perhaps this will, since you will either be paying or trying to collect on all those years of paying in. Tell me what will be ObamaCon's plan to solve this something similar to his health care programs where some Commissar decides if care is needed who may decide they are nothing but Useless Eaters? From Hope and Change to Doom and Gloom presto chango!



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