Saturday, March 7, 2009

obama 08-DEPRESSION 09 Not just a bumper sticker anymore

No Catchy Commentary today just utter
CONTEMPT! This Destruction is not necessary but they got theirs and destroying the lives of untold millions is all part of the plan.

Representatives of who? Certainly not you or I. Later this week I will show you some more of the ties I started in who's your daddy, but for today I just want to show you where some of the THEFT of your hard earned money went and provide you with reading material that will show you this is avoidable but that doesn't fit the overall plan.

Twin City Federal a Minnesota Bank is asking why they should be punished for the crooks you should be asking too.

I just wonder did you know where some of the LOOT went? Foreign banks all with deep ties to Goldman Sachs. Deutsche,AG,Société Générale SA. to name a few. They own Washington , these Guys From ‘Government Sachs’ and you must remember Geithners/Clintons/Kissingers/Soros ties to China read through the links I posted in who's your daddy.

So many people, honest intelligent people unlike those running the show are warning of a Depression that will DWARF the great depression and it is not that it is falling on deaf ears oh contra ire they know they just do not care. The Market Ticker Guy one of my favorites gives the easiest most precise and Honest reasons why this will cause a DEPRESSION but he is far from alone in issuing the dire warning. I have nothing more well maybe just one more thing to add for the time being I hope you have a wonderful weekend and remember tonight to adjust your clocks it is time to Spring Ahead.


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