Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Jig Is Up!

Here is the BAD news!  AIG cannot pay its Bills, in case you have not figured it out yet it was a SCAM from the beginning.

To understand why the Jig is up, you must first understand what AIG insured, Derivatives, Credit Default Swaps, etc.  Big Deal, no End Deal!

Sure they can speed up the printing presses and attempt Quantitative Easing but the debt is just too large and fully nationalizing AIG (TOO BIG TO FAIL REMEMBER) will CRUSH us, Iceland is a prime example on a smaller, much smaller scale.  Add to that the recent SinkUS bill, the Black Hole Freddie, Fannie, etc., etc. and we are done!

Our Nationial Debt is already $11 TRILLION Dollars, Inflation is rising already and those Filthy Fools in Washington who know no limits just keep spending like they have a Saks Fifth Avenue budget on a Goodwill income.  Well they will not be able to print their way out of this, THIS TIME!

All the foreign governments calling for a one world currency, Taiwan, Russia, UN, Germany,UK, France well you get the picture.  Kissinger he loves it. Rupert Murdoch knows it,  Jim Rogers he knows it.  There is a reason for them saying that, it is because they realize we are going down, I am sorry if you were late to the party and did not know that.  

Of course we will first go through all the necessary evils like Hyper-Inflation while they finish LOOTING us but in the end ObamaGeddon will be upon us.


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