Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Chit For Brains!

I am not trying to Baffle anyone with Brilliance on this blog, you get enough of that Bullchit from The Smelly One.  So here is my outrageous contribution for today...Hey Chit For Brains instead of sending Troops to Alabama because some Whack Job (undoubtedly voted for you from the looks of the criminal mugshots all bearing T-Shirts BO 08!) well here is a novel idea send the Friggin Troops to the Border where we have a real Disaster taking place!

Instead of Investigating the most Honest Upright Sheriff in America how about investigating the trash you brought with you to Washington!!!!

Do you even know what is going on down on our border? It sure doesn't seem like it, it is a CRISIS! Texas needs help!

We have all these Illegal Alien Criminals flowing across our borders, sucking the life blood out of Americans both financially and physically.  Officer Rodney Johnson was KILLED by an Illegal Alien, only one death among thousands at the hands of Illegal Aliens.  O Lord, help me to be pure but not yet, I have more to say!

Patriots do your duty!  Here is an alert from the GOA please take action.  As you can see you will need your weapons, I remind you Free Men Own Guns, Slaves don't.  Just think about the actions taking place on our border and how this infects communities all across the country you may well need to protect yourself from an Illegal Alien since it is doubtful our government is going to really do anything to protect you that is clear this has been going on for years!  I guess the campaign Contributions (bribes) whether it be to garner votes or as a payback for the Criminals who hire them is worth more than your lives Citizens.

Have you heard about Minneapolis?  Well let me give you a quick run down, the twin cities are filled with Illegal Aliens from everywhere.  Many are Somali's even the group leader Omar Jamal is in the country Illegally but oh no we can't get them out of here (pity party), read the story in the link teaching tolerance it makes me want to throw up!!!  Where is the tolerance for Christianity from these Extremists?  Does tolerance include Be-Headings which by the way are being done not only by the Muslim Extremists but the Terrorists on our Border!   Now I bring this up and I do not know if the Somali who went to a Terrorist Training Camp and then joined the Ka Booom Party was in the country illegally (they held a hearing in Washington today regarding him by the way) but the point is how many who are like him are here not known to our government?  Our government cannot answer that question and you will recall Moussaoui hid out in the Twin Cities.

That's the Rant for today I wish Chit For Brains would pull his head out of his azz and take care of our country instead of acting like he is the saviour of the world!


UPDATE - The Smelly One Refuses to Send Troops
                     to the border! Police Identify Shooter of
                     Officer just last week as Illegal Alien!!!

See the usual suspects after Sheriff Joe!

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