Friday, March 20, 2009

Gutter Ball- Hood Resident

Gutter Ball!!  

If the Ball fits.................Yes it does, but I don't find him to be worthy of being in The Special Olympics even though he said he was qualified on Jay Leno.

Who knows maybe his mental deficits are attributable to his own, admitted self induced Drug Use???  Even if that is the case how laughable is it that he pokes fun at people who through no fault of their own walk this world? 

But For The Grace of God go I Mr. Resident!

Throwing parties at the White House at taxpayer expense, eating Wagu Steak on our dime when so many in our country are suffering does not give you class, it makes you Trash!  

It also Illustrates the problem of Socialism/Communism/Fascism since it illustrates how  the "Leaders" live high on the Hog while the followers live like dogs.  Another fine example is the fact that while they are attempting to outlaw gardens, yes Evil I tell you for YOU to plant a garden, yet back at the HOOD house they have announced they will be Having one planted.  The Propaganda Machine, in this case the NYT,  doles it out to you as if they will be out on the lawn themselves digging in the dirt, yea right.   See how that works, do as I say, not as I do?

Back at the HOOD, we see the Thugs he brought with him assembling to who knows,  FORCE  you to follow him?  Gutter Ball-Hood Resident.


Special Olympics Comment
Admitted Cocaine Use
Cocaine Use Causes Mental Deficiency
Resident In Chief
Wagu Steak
Evil For YOU to grow a garden
Michelle Out Digging In The Dirt Propaganda
FORCE you to follow him
Residents Own Private Army
Nation Unites Against Him 

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