Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Men Own Guns Slaves Don't

Just saw this in my inbox and it is a fantastic article and hey what better authority could there be on why you should fight tooth and nail to preserve your rights to own Guns then the Jewish people? Here are a few excerpts from the article.

Another career that will certainly benefit from gun confiscation is being a politician! Times are getting a bit testy, aren’t they? The common folk are getting angry with politicians. All this silly “Tea Party” talk. If I was a politician I’d sure feel safer knowing that guns won’t get “into the hands of citizens”... uh, I mean criminals.

I have to watch myself. Citizens aren’t criminals unless they have guns. And criminals, we must remind ourselves (unless they are illegal aliens), are still citizens and deserve the protection of The Constitution. Right? No? Illegal aliens also deserve the protection of the Constitution? Well … okay. I guess. Aw, heck. Can’t you see I’m with you in spirit here? I’m getting all warm and fuzzy. This is becoming as clear as Obamanomics!

For the new financial elite, the “Bang Bang Billionaires” to make big bucks, they must, at the same time, grease the palms of the GovCrims and the appointed lackeys we’ve empowered with our confiscated taxes. Double dipping politicians will love gun prohibition.

Hey, I forgot about the car dealers! Just like all those Cadillac Escalades sold to ghetto drug dealers, black market gun sellers will soon be looking to upgrade from that ratty old Econoline van. Gun confiscation will save the American auto industry!

And how about the Third World? Oops, I mean “developing nations”. Everyone, everywhere can make a half decent AK-47. Give the Chinese a break, willya! Sales of bootleg DVDs are dropping off. Third World nations need another source of revenue. Chinese AKs, Pakistani AKs, Cuban AKs (with a free box of cigars?), and even Somali AKs can be a terrific source of income for those beleaguered folks. Or how about an RPG to keep in your closet? Hey, in for a dime, in for a dollar, right?

Now don’t get me wrong. Those Third World folks can make ‘em, but they can’t own ‘em. That would be wrong. The United Nations wants everyone who is not a soldier or a cop disarmed. So one of the ways we can keep the poor of the world disarmed … and not quite so poor … is to have every gun they make be bought by black marketeers here in America. And then bought by Americans desperate to ease that strange discomfort of being defenseless.

"Have you ever wanted full auto weapons for a hundred instead of thousands of dollars?

Are you opposed to intrusive government paper work, permits, taxes and serial numbers?

The arrogance and over reaching of the Obama/Holder/Pelosi powergrab may aid in the destruction of "gun control" in America."

Read the REST it's great and make your shopping list!

I also want to share this very important video with you, things are so bad on our Southern Border that the State of Texas can no longer wait for the FEDS! They don't want hordes of Illegal Aliens streaming across our border and neither do I. Keep your Powder Dry.


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